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Wildlife Visiting Awestruck

Look out the windows of Awestruck and you will see many animals also making Awestruck and the Windcliff community their vacation home.  Will it be a family of deer, a herd of elk, adorable ground squirrels, a coyote, hummingbirds, hawks, foxes or another animal?  Awestruck's guests have seen all of these animals and more from Awestruck.  After staying for a few days, you may learn the specific time each day that the deer and elk may stop at Awestruck vacation rentl to welcome you to Windcliff.  Guests selecting Awestruck as their Estes Park lodging destination frequently see deer and elk on Awestruck's property.

            "It was a 5-star experience.  When we arrived, we were greeted by 5 deer  that visited us every day.
                                Two bobcats crossed the road in front of our car and stopped to check us out.
                                        We also saw 5 coyotees and lots of elk." - 
Mark, Laura and family

Our last full day, during sunset, a family of deer had dinner just outside the rear of the house. - Michael and Monica
         "Your home is a class 1 vacation home;
you go all out with the "extras" you provide."  - Karen and Jerry

Below are just a few of the photos of Rocky Mountain National Park's deer, elk and other animals that we have taken while actually looking out Awestruck's windows and doors and from Awestruck's property and within Windcliff.

                                        Estes Park, Colorado deer visit Awestruck vacation home rental.

Estes Park, Colorado elk visiting the yard next to Awestruck vacation home rental.  Elk visit frequently.

Colorado Coyote visiting Awestruck for his vacation home rental

Baby Elk Visiting Awestruck's Neighbor's Front Door

Bull elk looking in Awestruck vacation home rental's bathroom window

This deer was knocking on the door on Thanksgiving day.  Maybe he wanted some turkey...

Dozens of these Colorado critters live at Awestruck vacation home rental

Estes Park, Colorado elk eating Awestruck vacation home rental's weeds    

This Estes Park rabbit's entire family lives in the front yard of this vacation home rental. 

Estes Park, Colorado deer in meadow next to Awestruck vacation home rental

Estes Park, Colorado deer visit Awestruck vacation home rental

        Estes Park deer makes Awestruck his Estes Park, Colorado vacation home rental   

Even this little guy is nuts about Awestruck as a vacation home rental

 This hawk landed on large pine tree directly opposite Awestruck's deck.


 Colorado Hummingbird enjoys the view of Awestruck vacation home rental

With this Estes Park, Colorado deer sticking out his tongue visiting Awestruck vacation home rental,
I have way too many ideas for possible captions