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Guest Comments and
Guest Reviews

If you have already been our guest in Awestruck, we hope that you enjoyed a dream vacation in our vacation home rental.  Please share your impressions of Awestruck and Windcliff posting a review on TripAdvisor by clicking Review Awestruck.  

Thank you to our past guests that made Awestruck the highest rated vacation home rental in Estes Park, Colorado!

                                   "Amazing Accommodations! We have stayed at Windcliff many times and Awestruck
                                                   was by far the best property we have stayed in." - The Greens

                        "We hope to be back next summer and can't imagine staying anywhere else."  - Marvin, Mary and Family

                           "Awestruck was Ahhhhh-mazing!!!  Everything was breathtakingly amazing...words fail me when I                                                                  try to accurately express how blown away we were by this house!!   - Scott and Jennifer

                                  "You two have done everything to be sure that your guests feel right at home.
                                                  We can't think of ANYTHING you left out." - Karen and Jerry

                             "This was by far our best vacation home rental experience ever (30 + years)!" - Jim and Nancy

                           "I could not have imagined a more perfect vacation home for our honeymoon."  - Kyle and Samantha

          "A beautiful vacation home that lives up to the great ratings.  We are a family of six who stayed for 5 days at Awestruck.  Highly, highly, highly recommend for couples or families who are looking for an amazing place to stay that offers privacy and all the                                                   comforts of home in a fabulous mountain setting." - Laura

                             "Thanks for providing us the best vacation home we've ever stayed in!" - Jess, Ruth & Vicki

                                     "Awestruck is the best vacation home we've ever rented." - Hibiscus 123

                            "OMG!!! This house is amazing!  When we come back, this is where we'll stay for sure.
                                                 No need to look anywhere else.  We love it!!!" - Rick and Erin

                      "We are all from Europe and have spent many vacations in rental houses throughout France, Italy,            
                   Switzerland and England. Awestruck ranks as one of the very finest." - Jean, Tony, Alison and Gary

We are delighted that you are considering making Awestruck your Estes Park lodging destination for a vacation home rental.  We are so fortunate to have Awestruck's guests return again and again to spend their vacations in Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park in Awestruck.  We hope that we can welcome you to our vacation home rental.  

The following are actual comments from previous guests that made our vacation home rental their Estes Park lodging destination (updated as of our last visit to Estes Park, Colorado and copied from Awestruck's Guest Book ).

This was the perfect honeymoon.  We’ve made memories that will last the rest of our lives!  Thanks for making your dream our dream!
Vince and Donna 
11/10/2014 – 11/15/2014

What a beautiful home!  We had a blast coming home to this cozy house and spectacular views.  It was a perfect spot to spend our honeymoon.  Thanks!
Joshua and Alison
11/3/2104 - 11/9/2014

We had a really fun Halloween in Estes Park with our 3 girls!  Happy to find this fabulous home on such short notice. We’ll be back for a longer stay!
Anna and Yuki
10/31/2014 – 11/2/2014

We had an amazing stay at your beautiful home.  Absolutely one of the best views.  Loved all of the photos that were “themed” around the home. Thank you so much for accommodating all of our needs and we will definitely make another trip to stay at Awestruck.  Well deserving name.
Travis and Jennifer
10/26/2014 – 10/31/2014

One of the most beautiful places in the world!  What a nice stay.  Thanks for sharing your amazing home with us!
Donna, Terry, Brian and Evan

Very beautiful home as well as amazing views!  Perfect place to spend our honeymoon!
Jim and Lera

We had an ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience at Awestruck!  We decided a year ago that we wanted to do a couples trip.  After waiting for a year and looking at the pictures online it still surpassed our expectations!  It will continue to be our yearly trip from now on!  
Jami Anderson, Travis Paulman, Kylie Olson, Caleb
10/16/2014 – 10/19/2014

Love Awestruck.  This is the second time we have stayed here at this house.   Third time at Windcliff. We are both photographers so we love the pictures.  Thanks for letting us be in your home for a short time.
Donna and Bill
10/2/2014 – 10/7/2014

Every visit gets better than the last.  We are so thankful that Awestruck exists!  We will be counting the days until we return in May. You & Beth are wonderful hosts! Thanks and Gig’em!  Aggies 35 and Arkansas 28 – WHOOP!
Ken Laura
9/20/2014 – 9/28/2014

This has been the most amazing place we have ever stayed at in Estes Park.  Our motto has always been to “Dream On.”  You made our 40th wedding anniversary part of our dream come true!  What an amazing time to just relax after a day downtown. Thank you for sharing your home.
Judy and Tim
9/15/2014 – 9/18/2014

What an amazing place!  Our honeymoon was just fantastic thanks to the Awestruck.  The house and all of the amenities are perfect. Opening our eyes to view the mountains was a dream come true.  Thank you for providing all we needed to be at home.
Dustin and Meagan
9/10/14 – 9/14/14

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!  Your attention to detail is so appreciated!  Love the vies, the wildlife and the furnishings!  Your photos are spectacular!  Love everything!
Kim, Brian and Sean
9/5/2014- 9/10/2014

We have had a wonderful vacation here at Awestruck. The house is beautiful!  One morning a bobcat was sunning in the driveway!  The kids (7 and 11) hiked Chasm Lake and Andrews Glacier. The tot tub was great for all our sore muscles.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful house! 
The Quisels
8/21/2014 – 8/28/2014

We had a wonderful time at Awestruck.  Thanks for sharing it.
Sandra, Gary, Alissa and Andrew
8/14/2014 – 8/19/2014

We came here for our honeymoon and we couldn't of asked for a better place.  Awestruck is simply amazing!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.  Great experience.  We would like to come back with our kids someday!  Loved everything!!
Bill and Amanda
7/19/2014 - 7/28/2014

Awestruck was even more beautiful when we arrived.  It was everything we dreamed of and more!! You have thought of everything to accommodate the needs of your guests.  You have gone above and beyond to make our family feel welcome!!  We've made awesome memories at Awestruck and hope to return again some day!  Thank you so much for everything!!  BTW - we loved all of your photos throughout the home!!  Beautiful!!
Casey, Crystal, Alisyn, Tyler and Alexis
7/13/2014 - 7/18/2014

We absolutely loved staying here at Awestruck.  Everything was perfect about our stay and we can't wait to return.  Incredibly beautiful home.  Thank you for opening it up to us!
Todd, Kelly, Abbie and Alex
7/6/2014 - 7/12/2014

What an absolutely beautiful home you family has.  Our stay here was wonderful and the views were beautiful.  Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.  Lots of memories we will take back to Missouri.  Hope to return soon!
Shelden, Sean, Morris, Tracy, Debbie
6/14/2014 - 6/21/2014

Awestruck indeed!  We came here for our honeymoon and had a blast!   Everything was beautiful and we were lacking for nothing!  This was the most fun either of us ever had.
Jacob and Emilie
6/1/2014 - 6/7/2014

Absolutely wonderful even with a spring snow storm of over 3 feet.  The ever changing views were spectacular and the house was equally comfortable and "Awesome."  Thanks to David for the warm welcome as well as the second heads up regarding the moose (which we did see).  Wildlife abounds even down to wild turkeys.  A wonderful return to Colorado with our family.  Days spent to be fondly remembered.
Alan, Glenda, Rob, Cheryl and Matt
5/9/2014 - 5/18/2014

Our 2nd visit to Awestruck was something we looked forward to for a year and we loved every minute.   Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home. We are sad to leave, but we shall return - again and again!
Vickie and Laurie
5/4/2014 - 5/8/2014

Wow!  Spectacular house and view with every convenience!  Spent our honeymoon here and will certainly be back!  Helpful staff, friendly owner, fabulous experience!
Dan and Laci
4/27/2014 - 4/30/2014

Tremendous!  Stupendous!  An OUTSTANDING home!  Thank you for the personal courtesy call.  Our family had an exceptional experience here.  Hope to return
Gina and Art
4/23/2014 - 4/27/2014

We LOVED this place and can't wait to come back.  Our 5-month old even slept better here. :)  Thank you for keeping such a great, clean place!  Aside from the view, the photographs made it extra unique.
Kevin, Sarah & Ella
4/11/2014 - 4/14/2014

An absolutely gorgeous cabin!! Breathtaking view and almost everything we needed already provided for us!  Our favorite was sitting on the deck watching the sun go down.  Not one bad thing to say about this beautiful place!! :)
Nikki, Tim, Allie and Stan
3/22/2014 - 3/25/2014

What an incredible place to stay for our first vacation together!!  We just got married and Awestruck was the perfect choice for our honeymoon destination!  Thank you for making us feel right at home. Everything we could ever need was provided for us right here at Awestruck!  We loved it and hope to come back soon!!
Jeremy and Hannah Fain
3/16/2014 - 3/21/2014

This was our third stay at Awestruck.  Yet again the experience did not disappoint. From the amazing hospitality of the Bates family to the awe inspiring view - every moment at Awestruck is just perfect.  We can't wait to come back next year.
Patrick and Christine
3/10/2014 - 3/13/2014

Creating memories for the Trevinos in your beautiful home was amazing and a huge blessing.  The view was breathtaking and a perfect snowy Friday was absolutely perfect and memorable.  No doubt we will be back. Thank you for sharing your home and God bless always.
David, Dalila, Josh, Amor, Ray, NikNak, Lupe
3/6/2014 - 3/10/2014

We had the best time. This house is outstanding.  We enjoyed our stay.
Candi, Tony, Cisco, Jorden and Kerri
2/28/2014 - 3/2/2014

Glorious time here in snowy weather.  Loved the fireplace, totally equipped kitchen and the great hot tub.  Want to come back when we can see all the views.  Thank you!  Thank you!
Marci, Emeline, Dottie, Susie & Anne
2/6/2014 - 2/8/2014

Beautiful home.  Everything wonderful and relaxing. We will be back!
Brooke and Bobbye
1/20/2014 - 1/27/2014

We can't thank you enough for making our visit so nice.  Words don't describe the beauty of your home.  Hope to be back soon.
Lauren & Travis
1/8/2013 - 1/10/2013

What an incredible voyage into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!  Your home had a lot to do with it being such a memorable trip for our 12th wedding anniversary.  We definitely hope to be back again soon and will plan soon. Thank you!
Rob and Oksana
1/4/2013 - 1/8/2013

Perfect accommodations for a mountain get away.   Thank you for the care and attention you put into your home for us.
Phil and Michelle
12/28/2013 - 12/31/2013

Thanks for a beautiful week of amazing views and wildlife.  Yes, the wildlife was also amazing!! They were so close to us.  We enjoyed every day of our time here. We wanted snow and we seen snow!!  It wasn't as cold as we thought, it was nice!! Thanks for letting us stay in your beautiful home.
Christine & Keith and Family
12/16/2013 - 12/23/2013

What an amazing experience we had here.  Our daughter had a blast!  Nice little get away with the family.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us!  This place is nothing short of perfection!  This will be the only place we stay on our annual visit to Estes!  Thank you so much Dave and Beth!  Until next time...
Gaby and James
12/14/2013 - 12/16/2013

What a lovely cabin!  Beautiful views.  What a great experience.  Thank you.
Angie and Dave
12/5/2013 - 12/7/2013

Amazing place...Than you so much!  We couldn't ask for anything else...just perfect.  Thank you!
Jen and Jonathan
11/14/2013 - 11/17/2013

Wow this place is unbeatable.  Love the view of the mountains.   The house is beautiful.  Thank you David and Beth.  We will be back again. 
Mark and Chere
10/28/2013 - 11/1/2013

Wow!  Loved every minute!  Can't wait to return!  Thanks & Gig'em!
Ken and Laura
10/21/2013 - 10/25/2013

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We were truly AWESTRUCK by the extravagant amenities.  The top-of-the-line appliances, spacious rooms and heated bathroom floors made our stay a vacation to remember.  We look forward to returning to Estes Park.  Hopefully, Awestruck will be available.
Ben & Becky and Family
10/10/2013 - 10/14/2013

What a beautiful, relaxing, inspiring get-a-way for the weekend.  It was just what we needed!
Randy, Melissa and Jacob
10/9/2013 - 10/10/2013

Our first time in Estes Park and already planning next visit.  Your home is perfect.  We could not ask for more.  Even with RMNP being closed, we had an awesome time thanks to the wonderful scenery and views from Awestruck.   We will be back.
The Horners
10/7/2013 - 10/9/2013

Your mountain home lived up to its name!! The view and space was incredibly therapeutic for all of us.  We brought our nieces and son and wife and daughter.  we had a great time showing the rlatives the bestof the best in Colorado scenery.  Thanks for sharing.
Dan & Judi and Family
10/2/2013 - 10/4/2013

We had an incredible vacation and loved staying in your beautiful home.  RMNP is awe inspiring and the vistas from your home were just breathtaking.  Thank you for providing an extraordinary escape – we look forward to returning.
The Champans
9/7/2013 – 9/13/2013

Beautiful home and fabulous views! You’ve thought of everything.  We will be back.
The Stephensons
8/25/2013 – 8/30/2013

What a relief to get out of the hot Texas weather!  We had a fantastic week!  Hikes were great, and the house is fabulous!  Hope we can visit again soon! (You thought of everything).
The Standley Family
8/19-2013 – 8/24/2013

David and Beth, thank you very much!  Everything was PERFECT!
The Pawlik Family
8/11/2013 – 8/17/2013

We love Estes Park and come here every year.  Your home is amazing!  We all felt so pampered.  I especially enjoyed the private entrance to RMNP.  On Tuesday AM, I went on a hike to Lily Lake and saw a bear right past the cabins at the beginning of the hike.  I made it to the top of Estes Cone on Friday!  We also stargazed at Buser Park. Thank you for recommending all these hikes.  I loved them!  (You have very nice neighbors too).
Hormberg Family
7/20/2013 - 7/27/2013

We’re usually beach people, but decided to take our first “mountain vacation.”  We could not have made a better choice than Awestruck and RMNP!  Thanks for sharing your home with us.  Your house is beautiful and aptly named!  We were well taken care of by you and the staff of Windcliff.  We hope to visit again soon. :)
Henning Family
7/13/2013 – 7/20/2013

Thank you for sharing your home with us.  We had a wonderful time and have already begun planning our return next summer!
Hall Family
7/6/2013 – 7/13/2013

The adjectives could never come close to how warm and cozy this house is, and then the location.  Thank you.  Awestruck will be our destination for years to come.
Ken and Marsha
6/30/2013 – 7/6/2013

We had a wonderful time in Awestruck again with our friends (the Bouldins). Thank you for your hospitality and the gift of memories for years to come.  We hope to “see” you again next year!
The Nassers
6/24/2013 – 6/29/2013

We look at staying in this house for over a year.  Our time here was short but very enjoyable!  The house is beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking.  We would certainly come back.  Thank you.
The Davis Family
6/15/2013 – 6/18-2013

Your home and its location made it difficult to leave each day to explore the park!  We ate in for most meals and appreciated your well-appointed kitchen.  The view is magnificent and the wildlife fun to watch – even from the toilet!  We already plan to return.  Thank you both!
Laurie and Chris
6/9/2013 – 6/14/2013

Thank you for sharing your home with us.  It made for a relaxing week. We appreciated the hospitality and comfort your house provided.  Estes Park has always been special to us – your home added a special chapter to our time here.  Thank you.
Roland, Barbie, Ryan, Stacie and Alvin
6/4/2013 – 6/9/2013

Wow!  This beautiful home far exceeded our expectations!  This place and the views are more beautiful than the pictures do justice.  We are already planning our next trip here!!

Molly and Craig
6/2/2013 – 6/4/2013

Awestruck exceeded our expectations!  We appreciate so much the furnishings, pictures and personal touches.  It was so relaxing and enjoyable.  Also appreciate how well maintained it is.  We will definitely be back!
Dave and Debra
5/28/2013 – 6/1/2013

This wonderful home felt just like home from the moment we walked in!  Our family made great memories here at Awestruck!  Thank you for making our vacation!
Tomas Family
5/22/2013 – 5/24/2013

We are so happy that we chose your beautiful home to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We could not have had a better time.  Every detail, small to large was taken care of and we could not have asked for more.  Loved the personal touches and the national park pictures were a perfect touch.  We are already planning to return for a longer stay.  Three nights was heaven – just not long enough!  Thank you.
John, Lori, Colton, Ashlie, Scott and Shana
5/18/2013 - 5/21/2013

This home could not have been more perfect for what we needed.  A great relaxing 7 year anniversary getaway (relaxation – felt like a king and queen here).  From the décor, house, location, wildlife, owner, hospitality, amenities, comfort, seclusion, etc., everything was perfect!  Thanks so much for sharing your home and keeping in touch.  5 Stars!
Kevin and Julia
5/9/2013 – 5/14/2013

Awestruck was so very lovely!  We greatly enjoyed our honeymoon here, and we would highly recommend it to al!  The décor is so beautiful!  We felt positively spoiled!   Thank you so much for our stay in your lovely home.  5 Stars!!
Will and Savanna
5/6/2013 – 5/9/2013

We so enjoyed spending our honeymoon in your home!  Everything is just perfect!  Your phone call upon our arrival was so nice and the beautiful flowers were such a sweet surprise!  The views are amazing, the decorations beautiful and the stay was above anything we could dream of.  Thank you. We will be back!!

Chris and Lisa
4/28/2013 – 5/4/2013

We came for our 10 year anniversary!   What a perfect place to spend the long weekend.  We had such a great time that we hope to return with our extended families.  Thank you.
Tina and Tom
4/15/2013 – 4/28/2013

We had such a lovely time in your home for our honeymoon.  Even though we were snowed in a few days, we were entertained in the house with all the movies and games.  The views were amazing and we saw plenty of wildlife without having to leave!  And thank you for the beautiful flowers!  Everything was perfect!
Ted and Helen 
4/14/2013 – 4/21/2013

We had a great time – everything was lovely.  Particularly appreciated the call from David making sure all was well.
Stan and Beverly
4/10/2013 – 4/14/2013

From the moment we drove into Windcliff, we knew our stay was going to be one filled with beauty.  From the moment we drove into Awestruck’s garage and were greeted by wildlife, we knew this home was very loved and cared for.  Thank you for allowing us to share your breathtaking home.  Thank you Beth and David for having the vision and grace to build and decorate this home in such incredible splendor.  We are humbled and grateful to be a part of the Awestruck family.  Thank you.
Susan, Joseph and Samantha
3/31/2013 – 4/2/2013

Absolutely in "awe" from the moment we arrived!  My husband, children and parents and I were able to create so many wonderful memories in your home.  It is just so warm and inviting and the view was/is spectacular!  Thank you for sharing it with our family, as we cannot wait to return one day!
Thad, Lacie, Gavin and Halle
3/24/13 - 3/26/13 

We had an amazing time at your beautiful home and there just isn't enough space here to express how memorable this vacation was for us!!  It has left a lasting impression and priceless memories for us - especially the kids!  We were able to experience warmer weather and also a tremendous amount of snow for sledding.  We saw many elk and deer and were able to get priceless videos.  We cannot imagine spending this vacation anywhere but Awestruck!! We will definitely be back!!  Thank you a million times over!!
Benjamin, Michelle, Lizzy and Same
3/20/13 - 3/24/13 

Awestruck was the perfect getaway.  My husband just returned from a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan.  This was such a great way to relax and reconnect with each other.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer place.
Tim and Natalie
3/16/2013 - 3/20/2013

Awestruck has been a beautiful place for us to decompress and recharge on our spring break from work, college and school.  Thank you for thinking of everything!  Awestruck is truelly a home and a blessing.
James, Suzanne, Charles, Ashley and Lorna
3/10/13 - 3/15/13

Awestruck is Awesome!  We will definitely tell others about what a great rental it is. Thanks!  We had a lovely time!
Ron and Heide
3/2/13 - 3/4/13 

Wonderful!  Thank you!  We love RMNP and not have another excuse to come here!
Matt and Marie Gordon
2/17/2013 - 2/19/2013 

My kids chose heaven for me to celebrate by 70th birthday.  I'm praying to get older so that I can come back to your beautiful, classy and gorgeous home. Thank you for your generosity to have us.  God Bless.
Gazawi Family
1/11/13 - 1/18/13 

Dear Beth and David, our stay here at Awestruck has been very blessed!  We are on our honeymoon and I don't think we could have picked a more wonderful spot.  We are so thankful for you and your family!
Bryce and Cecilia
1/2/13 - 1/6/13 

We had such an amazing time here!  Your home is absolutely beautiful and we had everything we needed to have a comfortable vacation.  We even checked to see if the home was available for just one more day, but, of course, it wasn't. Thanks again - Best Vacation Ever!! 
The Jeffries Family
12/28/12 - 1/2/13

Thank you for providing a magnificent home where we made wonderful memories.  We loved everything about our stay from the coziness of the home to the beautiful mountain views.  Could not have asked for a better place to spend our Christmas!!
Robert, Dorothy, Robby and Robin
12/23/12 - 12/28/12  

We had a wonderful time here and really enjoyed the views of the mountains.  We had everything we needed here and relaxed and had a great time.  Thank you so much. 
The Yees
12/20/12 - 12/23/12  

Wonderful destination for your honeymoon!  Thanks for sharing your home.  The attention to detail was fantastic...even had a tape measure for us to measure the furniture would fit that we decided last minute to purchase.  The photos are amazing!
Travis and Clanette
12/15/12 - 12/17/12 

Our family came to Awestruck to enjoy some time together post-Thanksgiving.  The house is absolutely gorgeous and we so appreciated all of the above-and-beyond touches like the premium linens, well-stocked kitchen, computer with Internet and more!  The views are incredible and the hot tub is great.  We will return!   
Dave , Kwang-Chi, Annetee, Zak, Jennifer and Justin
11/24/12 - 11/26/12 

We were truly awestruck in your beautiful home.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present from my husband  We hope to return soon with family and friends.  Thanks so much!!   
Matt and Sejla
11/10/12 - 11/12/12  

We have had a wonderful time during our stay!! The views are magnificent.  Just the best!  Our last full day, during sunset, a family of deer had dinner just outside the rear of the house.  We can't wait to return!!
Michael, Monica, John and Joseph
11/3/12 - 11/9/12  

We could not have asked for a more beautiful and perfect place for our honeymoon!  The views are breathtaking.  Every last detail was thought of and it even snowed while we were here!  There is not a single bad thing to say about Awestruck.  We hope to come back!
Chris and Molly
10/22/12 - 10/29/12  

Awestruck was the perfect place for our vacation.  We could not have picked a better home for our first trip to Estes Park from the stunning views to the warm fireplace!  Awestruck was everything we hoped for and so much more.  Thanks for providing such a wonderful background for an amazing week of memories!
Chris, Martha, Jo, Thomas, Michele, Ted and David
10/17/12 - 10/22/2012

Our second time to stay in your beautiful home and the term "Dream Home" comes to mind.   Everything is perfect!  Thank you for sharing awesome "Awestruck."   We are certainly in awe.  Hope to be in the same spot next year and writing to you! LaDonna, Bud, Andrea, Trent, Cecilia and Tennyson
10/13/12 - 10/17/12  

First time in Estes Park and your home was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon and the first week of our marriage!  The home is beautiful and we cannot wait to visit again - hopefully, every year.  God bless you and your family
Cory and Crystal
10/7/12 - 10/12/12  

Awesome - WOW!  We cannot take our eyes off the view.  And you have a Beautiful home.  We had gorgeous weather and beautiful weather for viewing all sorts of animals.  A vacation to always remember.
John, Michele, Mary, Ann, Mary and Walt
9/27/12 - 10/1/12  

We were Moonstruck at Awestruck!  A week went too fast!  We arrived with gorgeous, bright yellow aspens and left with snow-topped mountain peaks.  We enjoyed your gorgeous home...Rhys (2) especially enjoyed the loft and playing with your flashlights. :)
The Walshes - Matt, Lisa, Emily and Rhys
9/19/12 - 9/27/12  

A wonderful holiday in a beautiful home with stunning views.  Perfect!
Graham and Gloria
9/16/12 - 9/19/12  

What an amazing place!  Thanks for sharing this wonderful mountain retreat with us and for all the little touches that make it feel like home.  We had a wonderful time here in this beautiful setting.  We'll be back!!!
The James & Alex
9/12/12 - 9/16/12  

I sit here in your fabulous kitchen with a beautiful breeze on a perfect sunny day!  Thank you for calling on our first day and thank you for sharing your Awesome home with us, to make our family memories!!  Our visit was perfect in every way, thanks to you providing every item we did not know we needed.
The Reeds
9/6/12 - 9/12/12

Gathering our family here from Mass, IL and MN made for a memory making time together.   We love the views and the quiet and serenity of your home.  Our hikers (over night to Mummy Mountain) really appreciated the hot tub.  Sunsets are fabulous!!  Bill, Kevin, Mary, Ben, Brennan, Kendall, James and Laura
8/25/12 - 9/1/12

Luxury!! A great location and beautiful home.  Really enjoyed our time in your home and the surrounding area.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome.  We will be back.  :)
Scott, Brendon, Emery, Jackson and Sam
8/18/12 - 8/25/12

We really enjoyed our time in your home and the surrounding area.  The place is beautiful and well kept.  We'll be sure to recommend your home to anyone thinking of a Colorado vacation.
Bill, Donna, Michael and Lisa
8/11/12 - 8/17/12

For some of us, this was our first trip here and boy did this home spoil us.  You  have thought of everything!!  Love all of the photography too!  You have a beautiful home and can't wait to return!
Tom, Dina, Ann and Sara
8/4/12 - 8/11/12

What a beautiful, lovely home you have!  We feel in love with it at first sight!  The view is breathtaking and unforgettable.  We try  and take a family vacation every year and this one was extra special.  We never wanted for a thing as you have thought of everything anyone could need.  Thank you to the Bates!!
Tom, Sue and family
7/30/12 - 8/4/12

Best vacation ever!  Love your home! So comfortable!  Perfect location.  We feel closer to God after being here and seeing his creation!  Suggestion:  fill in bottom of driveway with rock - our car dragged on the bottom.
Ted, Chris Heidi and Bret
7/24/12 - 7/29/12

We are at a loss for words - can't say enough - wonderful, lovely, thankful things - Awestruck is Awesome!! - ever so beautiful!!  We felt right at home - David and Beth, you have the gift of hospitality - every little detail, every amenity made our stay extra special!   The house, itself, is exquisite with beautiful views and all the creature comforts anyone could want!  We were especially delighted by David's photography and and "themed" photo collections (especially the pictures in the kitchen, waterfalls in bath, etc.).  We sincerely appreciate all the efforts that contributed to making Awestruck so marvelous!  We will be back!!   
John, Jamie, Dan and Terry
7/18/12 - 7/24/12

Thank you for sharing your lovely home!  It was a perfect way to spend a 50th birthday.    Great hiking, biking and relaxing evenings.  You've thought of everything for your guests - the views alone are stunning, but your attention to quality details have made the experience outstanding.  THANKS AGAIN!
Nancy and Denise
7/6/12 - 7/12/12

We are teachers that came to Estes Park for some rest and relaxation before heading back to school this fall.  We have enjoyed everything about our stay here.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.  We appreciate your attention to detail.  Everything is immaculately clean and comfortable.  Well done!!
Mary and Diana
6/30/2012 - 7/6/12

We had a fabulous time with our children in Awestruck.    We were able to take advantage of the day camps at the YMCA (which the kids really loved).  The ranged from 2 1/2 years to 7 years old and all of loved every minute in Estes Park.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and the "Fred Flinstone" picnic table.  :)
Thomas, Wendy, Gabi and Brad, Carole Anne, Collin and McKensey
6/24/12 - 6/29/12

A truly fantastic experience!  We try to get to Estes at least once a year and I can say this has been the best so far.    Your home felt like our home as soon as we walked in.   Thank you so much for allowing us to stay here!
Lyle and Cathy
6/1/12 - 6/8/12

This was our third time to Windcliff.  By far, the most beautiful house we have stayed in.   The new hot tub was awesome.  This was our 20th wedding anniversary and we will be coming back for many more.  Thank you!  
Phil and Sherry
5/29/12 - 6/1/12

We appreciate your sharing your beautiful home with us.  Everything was perfect and we are looking forward to coming back.  We were married this trip, in Estes, and receptioned at the Stanley.  This will always be a fond place for us and our memories.  The plentiful wildlife were very entertaining!  We loved it all!
Randy and Lisa
5/18/12 - 5/21/12  

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your home.  It is the perfect place to stay with kids and explore RMNP.  The views of the mountains are surreal.  Also appreciated the phone call on arrival and all the great pictures throughout the house.
Nathan and Jennifer
5/13/12 - 5/17/12

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your home!  Awestruck is just beautiful.  You both put so much thought and detail into everything.   We felt very welcomed when David called and talked with us when we arrived.  Also we want to thank David and Beth for the beautiful arrangement of flowers they sent us for our honeymoon.  We had an amazing time relaxing in the mountains and it was complete with this "Awestruck" home.  
Chansler & Kaylyn
5/2/12 - 5/9/12

Thank you so much for such a beautiful, welcoming place!  We enjoyed every part of our experience here and hope to return again!  The photos are also lovely!
Melanie and Cathy
4/21/12 - 4/22/12

Such an amazing place!  The attention to detail was fabulous and the views wonderful!  Thank you for a great stay!   
4/13/12 - 4/15/12  

We truly enjoyed our time at Awestruck.  We got lucky and had snow on our first day.  Colorado is breathtaking - we loved the cabin and the hot tub, but most of all the view of the snow capped mountains.  Thanks so much.
Tsiropoulas Family
4/2/12 - 4/7/12

This place is breathtaking!  The pictures online do not do it justice.  We loved exploring the park and Cascades restaurant was amazing.  We can't wait to come back and stay longer!
Brandon and Jennifer Waters
3/25/12 - 3/30/12

This was our first time to stay at Awestruck.  It was beautiful.  The views alone are breathtaking.  I can't think of a better place to honeymoon with my new wife.  We will be back!!
Chad and Beth
3/19/12 - 3/24/12

We have stayed in Windcliff many times.  This is our first visit to Awestruck.  It is an amazing home and we plan to return next year.   Thank you for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home.
Brad and Lori
3/14/12 - 3/18/12

This is the second year we've stayed in Awestruck for our annual pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountains.  We had an amazing time.  We love Awestruck!  Thank you to the Bates for their outstanding hospitality.  We hope to be back next spring!   
Patrick and Chrstine Kelley
3/11/12 - 3/14/12   

What a beautiful home and location!   We came here to celebrate Stephanie's 30th birthday and our 5 year anniversary.   Wonderful experience!  Thank you!
Stephanie Skiles and Erik Gilmore
3/8/12 - 3/11/12

Attention to details is an understatement!  What an incredible cabin/chalet.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  We can't wait to visit again!
The Petersons
3/4/12 - 3/6/12

Had a nice and relaxing time.  Thank you for your attention to detail.  We felt right at home immediately.
Baldwing Family
3/2/12 - 3/4/12

We loved this house and had a wonderful, relaxing respite from our hectic lives.  The views were "awesome," the hot tub worked the kinks out and the kitchen was so well stocked for cooking that we had a blast fixing meals.  Thanks for thinking of everything!
Joy Martinez, family and friends
2/24/12 - 2/26/12

We had a wonderful time renting your beautiful vacation home!  We had at least 10 deer come up to us in the driveway.  So amazing! We will definitely be coming back for a summer vacation.
Justin, Vanessa and Lexus
2/10/12 - 2/12/12  

Words can't describe this beautiful vacation home and amazing views!  Thank you for allowing my family to spend a winter get-a-way in your amazing home.  Everything we needed was here and it is hard to leave this wonderful home!  We can't wait to return and are already planning our summer escape to Awestruck!
Robert and Family
2/4/12 - 2/8/12

This was our family's Christmas present to rent your beautiful vacation home.  Creating memories instead of gifts.  We loved everything about your home and appreciate all the details.  It was a 5-star experience.  We all loved your photos.  When we arrived, we were greeted by 5 deer  that visited us every day.  Two bobcats crossed the road in front of our car and stopped to check us out.  We also saw 5 coyotes and lots of elk.  
Mark, Laura and family
1/7/12- 1/11/12

We loved renting your vacation home.  Our boys loved the decorative bears.  The view was perfect.   It was good to relax and reflect on how good God is to us.  God bless.  
Shawn, Amanda, Caleb and Nathan
1/3/12- 1/7/12

We were truly awestruck by this wonderful home.  The view is breathtaking and we look forward to returning again.
Ben and Joyce
12/27/11- 1/1/12

Stayed here for our honeymoon. Loved it!!!  Couldn't have dreamed of a more romantic honeymoon.  Can't wait to come back with more people every year!
Mathew and Meagan
12/18/11- 12/21/11

I see why you call this home Awestruck!  We can't wait to come back and rent your home.  The best time ever!  God bless.
Jon, Susan, Conner, Allisa and Joshua
12/18/11- 12/21/11

This is a beautiful rental home with amazing views.  We had a great time here and we really can't wait to move back to Colorado from Mississippi.
Brian and Heather
12/12/11- 12/18/11

What an awesome vacation house!  Thank you David and Beth for sharing this beautiful home, view, park and amazing animals with us.  All I can say is I really don't want to go home yet - snow, mountains, cozy blankets - who could ask for more?  We've really been blessed to be here.  
William, Amy, Abby and Max
11/19/11- 11/26/11

We enjoyed our stay here and thank you for all the hospitality and great amenities. We especially enjoyed escaping the extreme Texas heat in contrast to the winter snow we experienced while staying at Awestruck.  Thanks again.
Sheryl and Mike
11/10/11- 11/13/11

It's hard to find words of thanks to you for renting your home.  Our trips here are truly priceless.  Yesterday we fed deer from out hands!!  Today it is snowing!  Your vacation home is a class 1 vacation home; you go all out with the "extras" you provide.  When you call to "check in", I feel we have been friends for years.  We thank you both very much.
Karen and Jerry
11/3/11- 11/6/11

What a magical five days.  This was our second time staying in your beautiful vacation home.  The second day we were here, it snowed 20 inches - a winter wonderland in October!  Thank you so much for making it possible to have such a marvelous vacation.  Your home is so warm and comfortable.  We plan to be back and rent many more times.  God bless you and your family.   
Randy and Venie
10/25/11- 10/30/11

We had a delightful time enjoying your beautiful home and the wonderful vistas, as well as the town of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Your vacation home is so welcoming and so comfortable - we would love to come back again and again!  You have created a beautiful environment and it is so special to have the personalization with your photography.  Thx!!!
Bob, Donna, Mark and Cindy
10/21/11- 10/23/11

We thank you for sharing your dream home with us.  It was a great experience and a very affordable vacation.  Lots of pictures and memories, hope to come back again soon!  Best wishes!
Lisa and Paul
10/15/11- 10/20/11

We had a wonderful time with all our family - part from England and part from Colorado.  Very well equipped vacation home and great for the children.  The views are magnificent and we have loads of pictures to take home.  New experience to all be in the hot tub together.   Thank you so much for having us.
Leonard, Simon, Susanne, Anna, Todd, Daniel and Shane
10/12/11- 10/15/11

A lovely house to get close to nature and a comfortable haven to return to at night.
Don, Anne, Ron and Mary
10/9/11- 10/12/11

Thank you so much for sharing Awestruck with us.    The love and care that have gone into your vacation home is very evident.  It was the perfect place to relax after a day hiking in RMNP.  The name Awestruck says it all.
Dave and Sharon
9/29/11- 10/6/11

We could not have enjoyed Awestruck more.  We love Colorado and Estes Park.  Thank you for thinking of all or needs to be comfortable here.   
Doug and Sue
9/21/11- 9/25/11

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary!  It was Travis' first trip west of Kansas City.  Cannot wait to come back and rent your home.
Travis and Laurie
9/11/11- 9/17/11

This was our type of home. All the amenities.  We loved the decor and especially the wildlife photos.  This was our first trip to Estes Park, we hope to come back again!  Thanks.   
Kevin and Lisa
9/6/11- 9/10/11

This was a truly wonderful experience for our families. We were awestruck by your vacation home.  It is gracious and inviting and so appropriate for the beautiful backdrop.  We look forward to returning soon.
Sherry, George, Nik and Tori
8/27/11- 9/1/11

We loved your vacation home!  We have stayed in many rental homes in Windcliff and yours surpasses the others with beauty and care.  Thank you so much for all the amenities!  We really felt the warmth of your family.  Family, faith and friends are what we experienced.  We'll be back!
Julie, Casey, Casey Jr. and Rachel
7/31/11- 8/11/11

Wow! What a beautiful vacation home. Our family thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Awestruck! Thank you for sharing your home! Not only is setting perfect, but all of the accomodations were appreciated!
Mike, Susie, Nicholas, Alexis and Jacob
7/24/11- 7/31/11

We had a wonderful stay at Awestruck. This was a very special treat for our family. The house was wonderful and I could have sat on the deck all day - very peaceful. Thank you for renting your wonderful home to us.
David, Charlene, Benjamin & Emma
7/21/11- 7/23/11

What a wonderful place. Awestruck is well named; the views are tremendous. The house has captured the character of the Rockies by virtue of its position and careful choice of furnishings and décor. The quality of the accommodations is top class and provided us with a lovely base from which to explore the National Park. Thank you for sharing your vacation home with us!
Alison, Gary, Jean, and Tony
6/17/11 - 6/24/2011

Beautiful house, perfect weather, and a real family vacation. We will be back. Thank you.
Cindy and Brian
6/11/11- 6/17/11

Thank you for renting your fabulous vacation home. This was easily the best vacation we’ve been on. We look forward to returning soon. Thanks again.
Michael, Jamie, and Ellie
6/11/2011 - 6/17/2011

Thank you so much for your generosity in allowing others to enjoy this sublime location. It was difficult to leave Estes Park and this vacation home. All of us love the mountain and hiking, so we were hard-wired for this particular vacation. Of course, even if we were couch potatoes, we would have been content to just sit here and enjoy your spectacular panoramic views. My wife, the budding photographer, is particularly envious of your wonderful pictures that so enhance your beautiful vacation house. Next time, weather permitting, we intend to do Longs Peak. We felt like guests and not just renters.
John, John, Melanie and May
6/5/2011 – 6/11/2011

We came to Awestruck for my husband’s 40th birthday. It was a surprise to him that we were staying here, and he said it was more than he could imagine or had hoped for. Thank you for making my husband’s special day all the more memorable! We will be back!
Jennifer and Scott
6/1/2011- 6/4/11

Thank you for allowing us to return to your home for our annual visit to Colorado. We really felt "at home" and appreciate all the improvements (especially the heated bathroom floors!). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and that was possible thanks to the lovely home you provide! See you next year!!!
Craig and Kerri
5/27/2011 - 6/2/2011

What a great place to come home!  We hiked to Flattop Mountain Trail and RMNP and soaked in the hot tub for an hour.  Thanks for making this a great 3rd anniversary getaway.  We look forward to bringing our future kids here!
Reid and Laura
5/8/2011 - 5/12/2011

We were very excited to spend our anniversary in the mountains and your home made it one of the most romantic getaways we've ever had.  Thank you for providing all the comforts of home - the views, fireplace and hot tub were awesome.   
Jim and Rita
5/6/2011 - 5/8/2011

I cannot say enough about this amazing house and decor.  We had the most wonderful time here.  We could have not asked for anything more.  I loved all your pictures throughout the house and your attention to detail.   We hope to be back next summer and can't imagine staying anywhere else.  Thank you so much for sharing your home!   
Marvin, Mary and Family
4/28/2011 - 5/1/2011

The house was spotless and attention to detail impeccable.  No matter where you sit, the view is spectacular.   We were so comfortable and relaxed, it's hard to leave.  Thanks so much!   
Shannon, Sam, Lisa and Courtney
4/7/2011 - 4/12/2011

OMG!!! This house is amazing!  You've thought of everything to have here for your guests.   The decorating is beautiful; scenery is beautiful.  When we come back, this is where we'll stay for sure.  No need to look anywhere else.  You have put so much into your getaway home.  We love it!!!     
Rick and Erin
3/28/2011 - 3/30/2011

We had an amazing time in Estes!  We love it here and completely fell in love with your home.  I can see why it is your dream house.  I think I'll be dreaming about it when I'm back in home in Texas.     
Patrick and Christine
3/13/2011 - 3/15/2011

This is a great home with an amazingly warm feel.  I came here to purchase a new home and I wanted to see other homes in the area so I would know what to expect from the rental process.   When I saw how beautiful and perfect your home is, I almost panicked at the thought of making my home come up to your standards.  I look forward to being your neighbor.      
3/9/2011 - 3/11/2011

Awestruck is amazing!  We love the views, the hot tub, the photos and all of the rooms - it's a great place to relax!  Everything is perfect and we wish we were staying for much longer!  We love Colorado and if we come back again, we'll definitely stay at Awestruck.  Thanks for providing us the best place we've ever stayed!    
Jess, Ruth & Vicki
3/8/2011 - 3/9/2011

I could not have imagined a more perfect place for our honeymoon.  Thank you for opening up your home.  
Kyle and Samantha
2/28/2011 - 3/8/2011

What a wonderful place for our Honeymoon.  Thank you so much!!! God bless you and your family.
Jerry and Leslie
2/20/2011 - 2/24/2011

It was much more than we imagined.  Thank you for sharing your home.  Truly outstanding stay!
James, Debra and A.J.
2/17/2011 - 2/19/2011

You have a beautiful home.  Thank you for sharing your home with us.  My husband and I had a wonderful relaxing stay. Thank you!
Cody and Leann
2/7/2011 - 2/10/2011

The small details set your house apart!  The master bedroom lamps, the beautiful photos on the  walls, the leather couches and the amazing TVs.  The hot tub was great even at -10 degrees.  We loved this place and would love to come again.
Patrick and Vicki
12/27/2010 - 1/1/2011

The house and its views are amazing.  We plan on coming back again.  Thank you for the rustic charm and hospitality.   
Mike, Lori and Addison
12/27/2010 - 1/1/2011

Awestruck has been a wonderful place.  We really enjoyed our stay here with the perfect decor and great views.  Hope to visit again.  Thank you.  
Mike and Debbie
12/22/2010 - 12/27/2010

This was the perfect weekend getaway for our anniversary!  The home is amazing with breathtaking views.  There is absolutely nothing to complain about!  Thank you!  
Meghan and Chris
12/3/2010 - 12/5/2010

Our first visit to Estes Park and it won't be our last.  Your home is warm beautiful and inviting.  There is nothing we would change.  You have thought of everything when it comes to a home away from home.  The words can describe it.  Just walk outside.  We loved the wildlife and RMNP.  What a great location.  Thanks for opening your home to us.  Five Stars!  We had an "awestruck" 6 days.  Thanks for the personal welcome.

Mike and Linda
11/13/2010 - 11/18/2010

What an appropriate name for your home "Awestruck!"  We have enjoyed our stay here so much.  Your home is beautiful and the scenery is amazing.  Watched sunrise from the balcony and  the mountains were breathtaking.  We took tons of pictures here and the Rocky Mountains.  Yes, we were the tourists that took pictures of all the elk and deer.  Just amazing!!  Thank you!!
Roy and Debbie
11/6/2010 - 11/10/2010

It's hard to find the words to describe how happy we were staying in your home.  You two have done everything to be sure that your guests feel right at home. We can't think of ANYTHING you left out.  We woke up  our second morning to find a small group of elk at the front door - right on the sidewalk!!  High five to whomever decorated the house.  We love everything about it.
Karen and Jerry
11/1/2010 - 11/5/2010

Thank you for a wonderful weekend in these beautiful mountains.  The view was God given and the house was designed in great taste.    To be able to get away from the city and reflect on the path that we are on is priceless.
Rickey, Karey and Matt
10/29/2010 - 10/31/2010

Thank you for sharing your wonderful place.  By the way, I've been visiting Estes since 1983.  To date, your place is Number 1.    As soon as I can afford another trip here, I'll be calling.
Bill, Donna and Graves
10/19/2010 - 10/25/2010

Had a wonderful week!  Awestruck is Awesome and we were very comfortable here - beautiful home, wonderful photos.  Thank you for sharing your home with us.  We will be back!  Roll Tide!!
Don and Becky and Tommy and Celeste
10/9/2010 - 10/14/2010

Your home is beautiful!  We were totally "Awestruck" when we arrived.   No one wants to leave.  Your photos compete with National Geographic.  We will be back to enjoy your home and the magnificent view.
LaDonna and Bud and Andrea and Trent
10/5/2010 - 10/8/2010

Fantastic stay.  All the comforts of home.  Wouldn't change a thing.  The photos really make the place a home and made us feel welcome and part of an unseen family.
Paul and Michelle
9/19/2010 - 9/22/2010

We thank God for the beauty of this land and the house and for you for sharing it with us.
Matt and Melinda
9/11/2010 - 9/19/2010

Our first trip to the Rockies...picked the perfect place to stay!  What a view!  Furnished to perfection.  Thank you for making our family vacation memorable; from the views to the comfort.  We sure know how to pick a place to stay.  :)  Highlight for Paul:  6x6 bull elk that greeted us at the entrance!  Thank you for sharing.
Paul, Linda, Alicia, Lauren, Erica and Brandon
8/19/2010 - 8/22/2010

Thank you so very much.  You have an awesome place here.  We could not have picked a better place to stay.  You guys did a fantastic job building and furnishing this home.  Our family was very comfortable here.  Again, we wish to thank you for allowing us to stay here.
Paul, Linda, Alicia, Lauren, Erica and Brandon
8/14/2010 - 8/19/2010

We had a perfect vacation and Awestruck was a big part of that.  We hiked in RMNP - easy trails and hard ones - Estes Cone, went white water rafting  through Rocky Mountain Adventures enjoyed shopping in Estes Park, saw lots of wildlife - deer, elk, mountain goats, enjoyed the hot tub and the beautiful views from the windows of Awestruck.  The home is beautifully decorated.  Our family also appreciated the wireless Internet connection.
Cowens and Stefaniaks
8/7/2010 - 8/12/2010

The decor, warmth and photographs have definitely enhanced this mountain experience.  Thanks for the creative hiking suggestions.  As the Governor of California once said, "I'll be back!"  And when we do, Awestruck will be our first choice (and this time, I'll be prepared to slide down that darn glacier!)  P.S. Never saw the Milky Way so clear!
Jim, Nancy & Kids
7/31/2010 - 8/6/2010

Awestruck is by far the most enjoyable experience and accommodation ever!  We used to own a condo in Windcliff and have been coming to Estes Park for vacation since 1977.  Thanks for sharing with us!  We will definitely be back!
Wayne, Cheryl & Family
7/18/2010 - 7/31/2010

Seldom does it happen, that nature, modern comfort, luxury, aesthetics, solitude, peace and get-away leisure could so impeccably reside in a blissful vacation house.  We remain "awestruck" experiencing the vivid hours from dawn to midnight.  Thanks for giving us that unique joy!  We look forward to returning - for a longer stay!! Congrats to you for your creation.
Katherine, Steven and others
7/16/2010 - 7/18/2010

We have rented homes from Miami to Naples and this experience was the best.  Thank you for a wonderful family vacation.
Mike, Andrea, Sharon and Ken
7/15/2010 - 7/18/2010

This was worth ten times what we paid!  We loved it here. Great visit!!  We particularly enjoyed the hot tub and the Jacuzzi tub.
Gary, Dori, Ethan and Ilana
7/1/2010 - 7/6/2010

We've rented at many vacation homes, but this one is truly special.  The views are amazing and you've thought of everything!  It felt like being "at home" and it was a warm, inviting stay.  When the snow and the hail fell, we had the most fun we've had in a storm.  Thanks!
Jim, Jimmy and Marilyn
6/12/2010 - 6/19/2010

Amazing home!  A truly inspiring place to venture and explore.  Thank you for the beautiful escape!  Inspirational.
Liz, Jim, Chris, Beth & Abby
5/310/2010 - 6/4/2010

Thank you for making your beautiful home available!  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, especially the Awestruck home!  We look forward to a future visit!
Craig and Kay
5/23/2010 - 5/31/2010

Beautiful home in a beautiful location!!  What a great place to make family memories together!  Thanks for the opportunity.  We would love to come back.
Paul, June, Aaron, Melissa & Rob
4/16/2010 - 4/18/2010
This was our first trip to Awestruck and it was wonderful!  This house is beautifully decorated.  The views were magnificent!  We come to Colorado often and maybe we will stay here again.   We enjoyed the house very much.
Sid, Pam and Scott
4/10/2010 – 4/12/2010

This was our third time to Windcliff.  Awestruck is our favorite!   It was a great weekend.  Darrell is leaving again in a few days to go back to Iraq.  This was the perfect setting to spend relaxing time together for his mid-tour break.  Thank you for sharing your home.
Darrell and Kristen
3/26/2010 – 3/28-2010

This was a perfect setting for celebrating my 60th birthday.  It snowed about a foot the date we got here and the next day the sun and blue sky broke out.  What a winter wonderland view from your beautiful house.  You have made it a real special place for many to enjoy.  Thank you for letting us share in what you have created.  God bless you and your family!
Dave and Sandy and family
3/19/2010 – 3/21/2010

OUR HONEYMOON!  Unforgettable honeymoon!  Thanks so much!  Thank you so much for sharing this Beautiful Home with us!  Every single thing about it is amazing!  We will definitely remember this home and plan on returning in 3 years!  Providing free long distance calling was very thoughtful, considering there is no cell phone service.
Daniel and Casey
3/14/2010 – 3/18/2010

"Awestruck” is an understatement for the beauty we have experienced in this stunning home and perfect environment.  We explored the land, climbed the mountains and gawked at the many, many free ranging animals.  But best of all, three of us – father, son and daughter shared this time together.
Ken, David and Susan
2/26/2010 – 3/1/2010

Awestruck is the perfect name for your home!  Not only are the location and views from every window incredible, you have thought of every detail to make our stay amazing and unforgettable.  We will always remember that this is the place where our son Alex first saw snow and deer.  Oh – and the photos are beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your home with us and for making this a trip we will always remember.
Matt, Gaida and Alex
2/17/2010 – 2/22/2010

Had a wonderful time here.  My b-day weekend and could not ask for anything more.  Thanks for the hospitality.
Alex, Michelle and Jamie
2/12/2010 – 2/14/2010

After a long time apart, we decided to get away from everyone for a weekend.  What a perfect place to relax!  We really enjoyed your beautiful home.  We’ll be back!
Art and Tobbie
1/15/2010 – 1/17/2010

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.
Ben and Lisa
1/3/2010 – 1/9-2010

We enjoyed staying in this beautiful home.  The view is great and the wildlife is friendly.  I loved all the photographs as well.
Christie and Charlie
12/5/09 – 12/7/09

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thrilled to be the first guests at Awestruck!  There’s no place we’d rather be this holiday.  Your home is lovely and its rustic elegance is exactly what we hoped for in our mountain escape.  The setting, the views, the wildlife and the accommodations were perfect.  Thank you for sharing your home. We’ll be back!
Christopher and Deborah
11/23/2009 – 11/27-2009

The following are ALL our independently verified reviews of Awestruck vacation home rental posted on TripAdvisor and FlipKey.  Awestruck is Estes Park's highest rated vacation home rental:

5 Stars 
Stunning views and beautiful home.

Booking this home through Windcliff Properties was extremely easy. The management was very friendly and accommodating. Our stay at Estes Park was unbeatable and was exactly how our family dreamed it would be thanks to this beautiful property and the owner David. When we first got to Estes Park and drove up the snowy roads of Windcliff Estates it was truly a Winter Wonderland. We saw many deer and elk wandering on the white roads which was an incomparable experience. When we arrived at Awestruck and opened the garage there was a huge banner that welcomed us to the home "Welcome to Awestruck". When we entered the spacious and cozy home we scoped out the rooms which were all perfectly decorated with a cabin-feel and our kids were squealing with excitement. They fell in love with the loft upstairs. What made this house very user-friendly and comfortable was that the owners stocked the home as if they were living in it. All the amenities were included such as cookware, cleaning, cd's, dvds, board games, books, firewood, first aid kit, laundry products.... you name it, it was available for us. Which made our stay feel very comfortable and "like home." The living room's view was straight out of a postcard with wide windows to gaze upon the Rocky Mountains and the snow-covered trees and hills. The master bedroom also had a beautiful view with a jet tub and heated floors. OH MY. Every morning, downstairs by the back door, we were greeted by a bevy of deer and their buck. These are wild deer, and they would come up to us to see if we had any treats for them. It was the coolest and closest experience my family had encountering a wildlife animal. The house is in close proximity to local gift shops, restaurants, ice fishing, ice skating, trails, lakes, and even the Stanley Hotel. It is in the perfect location. We love this home and we will definitely be making this an annual trip for our family. Thank you David for our magical Christmas vacation. :)
Yooni C – Reviewed January 21, 2017

5 Stars 
Bear Hugs, Deer Butts, and a Crackling Fire

Everything from the atmosphere, to the amount of rooms, to the best location was exactly what we wanted for our family of 8 at Awestruck during Thanksgiving. The house was extremely comfortable for such a large number of people, there were ample blankets to handle the cold, and incredible views. If willing to brave the cold for a few seconds, there is a beautiful Jacuzzi that faces out onto a stunning view. There are easy to follow instructions on all of the electronics, dazzling photographs in every room of the house, and comfortable furniture. We had plans to head out to Boulder, but the entirety of the trip it was a battle to decide to leave the house. We cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal in the well-made kitchen and did not have a single issue the entire time. It was really a fantastic vacation in a large part thanks to Awestruck. 
Madeline G – Reviewed December 7, 2016

5 Stars 
An absolutely perfect, peaceful, and breathtaking mountainside retreat! 
We absolutely LOVED Awestruck! The home is located in such a beautiful, peaceful area. While the location is close to downtown Estes and very near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, we really didn't want to leave the home. The views from Awestruck are unparalleled! From sunrise to sunset, whether sitting on the deck, relaxing in the great room, soaking in the Jacuzzi in the master bath, washing dishes at the kitchen sink, or enjoying the large hot tub, you are always afforded an unbelievably beautiful and picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains - something you never tire of seeing! While there, we were also treated to multiple visits from resident deer, ground squirrels, and wild turkeys - right outside the front door. This home, while being spacious, is also very homey and comfortable. I don't believe there is an uncomfortable seat in the house, and the beds are amazing! In addition to the log cabin type interior, the owners have paid great detail to the decor. Wonderful photographs taken by the owner are on display throughout the home. From beautiful to quirky, we enjoyed them very much. There are also several unique touches - a view of a duck family as seen from underwater, and rock climbers scaling the wall above the front door. On the practical side, the kitchen is well stocked with everything you could need: dishes, cooking utensils and pans, a large variety of wine glasses, and a nice assortment of staples and seasonings. There is even a selection of wines to enjoy, you just replace what you use :) The staff at Windcliff Properties were very nice and helpful when we checked in. And while we did not need to contact them for anything, I am confident they would have made sure all our needs were met. Once we were settled in, we were also greeted with a personal call from the owner who was very pleasant and pleased that he was able to share his wonderful home with us. Our time at Awestruck was wonderful, and we will definitely be returning! Whether you want to spend time in the park and downtown Estes or just relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the home and its surroundings, it truly is the perfect place to stay!! 
Reviewed September 11, 2016

5 Stars 
Exactly as advertised

Awestruck is a great vacation home located less than 6 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park and only a short drive to downtown Estes Park. The check-in process with the Windcliff property management team was efficient, cordial and friendly. Upon arrival at the house, the owner called to welcome us and offered great tips on places to photograph landscapes and wildlife inside the park. The house was clean and has quality furniture throughout. We were impressed by the attention to detail. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare a special meal or you can drive just a couple miles to the Dunraven Inn for a great dinner. We are already planning our next visit to Awestruck.
Texas Lee - Reviewed September 5, 2016

5 Stars 
Birthday Celebration of college friends
The house was amazing and the views I could have looked at all day long. I enjoy cooking and found that the kitchen had everything I could possibly want in making some great recipes. The weather was perfect and us girls enjoyed being together in such a lovely home celebrating our 65th birthdays. We used the hot tub but found that even though there was a book telling us instructions on how to use the tub we found it a little confusing and not very specific. We did have a little hard time figuring out how to turn the temp down in the hot tub. With it being chilly at night the hot tub was nice getting in and relaxing us after a day of hiking. The owner was very nice and called us on arrival and asked if we had any questions or concerns and I thought that was pretty nice of him. Because there was no cell phone service at the house I thought it was pretty nice of the owner to let us use his landline to make phone calls home. It is a beautiful home and I would gladly recommend it to my friends coming to Estes for a visit...
Gayla H - Reviewed August 1, 2016

5 Stars 
This is our second stay at Awestruck and again it was a 5 star stay. My husband booked the home for 10 days to celebrate my 40th birthday. I was with my family for a week, then had several friends join me for the weekend. I couldn't think of anyplace I'd rather be. It doesn't just have the comforts of your own home, but honestly, the luxuries of which you might not even have in your own home. We took full advantage of all it had to offer. Too numerous to list, suffice it to say EVERYTHING you need is there. Also of note, Windcliff is efficient to check in with and made that process quick and easy. David, the owner, called us personally and told us several secret trails you can only have access to from Windcliff (they are also detailed in a binder in the kitchen). We hiked on the 4th of July, arguably the busiest day in Estes Park, from our driveway to the top of Teddy's Teeth. With two kids (who were tired) this steep, but fairly short hike only took an hour and 20 minutes and we had beautiful views all to ourselves. We saw not a soul. It was wonderful! We made wonderful memories and, of course, will be back. We love RMNP and Estes Park, but being in the Windcliff neighborhood is great. We enjoyed nightly walks in the neighborhood and even walked into a private entrance into RMNP just down the street from Awestruck. Thank you, David for sharing your comfortable, beautiful, and welcoming mountain home with us!
RockyMountainGirl - Reviewed July 21, 2016

4 Stars 
Great, quite place for family vacation
The property was very nice and a great value for 6 or more for the luxury accommodations. The owners have really taken care to have everything you need. The only problem I had is them telling me that I broke the board in the top of a couch and they would claim it on the insurance they took out. This bugs me because I don't have any boys there at all and it takes quite a bit of force to break that. Look if I broke it then I would tell you that but to send me an email after I'm home telling me this really put a bad feeling on my view of the whole stay. I know they said it would not go against me on the insurance but it is the principal behind it. Other than that the property is great. Walk the whole property when you get there to inspect. I know I will from now on.
BB - Reviewed July 21, 2016

5 Stars
We have stayed in multiple home vacation rentals and Awestruck is by far the best yet. You can definitely tell the owners consider this their home and not just an investment, and they take great pride in ensuring you feel it is your home as well. The personal phone call from the owner was a first for us and meant a great deal - it shows he really cares. The home is very well appointed and everything works very well. The rooms were all well decorated and everything is sparkling clean. The very fast WiFi and X-Box were a bonus for our son, allowing my husband and I some peace and quiet. Now for the view - absolutely spectacular! The colorful sunsets were a bonus, as were the elk, deer, and other animals who frequented our yard. We can't say enough good things about this property. It was a great place for us to spend our 18th anniversary and we look forward to coming back again.
Reviewed June 13, 2016

5 Stars 

Breathtakingly Beautiful
We have stayed at Awestruck four times now. That should tell you how much we love the house. It is what you image the ultimate mountain home should look like. The house has everything you will need to make your stay fantastic. All you need is food. From the art and pictures scattered all over the house, this house is so beautiful. The view of the mountains is awesome also. We plan on staying there many many more times. It's like our second home.
Donna G- Reviewed April 27, 2016

5 Stars 
We had a great experience in this house!! We had 4 adults and 3 young children and there was definitely room to spare. The views were amazing, every amenity was there and in great shape. The Windcliff property office was very helpful right from the start. Absolutely would stay there again.
As a side note, if the owners are reading this, we all loved the photographs in the house, beautiful work!!
Emily S- Reviewed April 19, 2016

5 Stars 
Exceeded Expectations
and my expectations were high. I discovered Awestruck on Facebook when David Bates, owner, posted a breathtaking photo on an Estes Park page. Ever since, I'd followed Awestruck and wanted to stay there. It took us a few years to finally stay. Awestruck's website does an excellent job of showing the home with pictures and lists of amenities, etc. So I knew it was going to be amazing. It was even better than amazing. Every single detail is what you'd want in your own home. The kind of extras the David & Beth put into this home, are not in any other rental homes -- even the nice ones. Because, who wants renters destroying their things? Well, when you rent at Awestruck, you treat everything with care, because it feels like you are home. I think David & Beth are smart enough to have had that foresight. Everything from top of the line furnishings, appliances, Xbox, huge DVD collection way better than Netflix (Introduced my kids to Karate Kid - haha). We spent more time in the house than we have in any house in Estes Park. We normally are out much more. We could have done NOTHING but enjoy this home. We will be back in July. Thank you, David and Beth for sharing your home!
Rocky Mountain Girl- Reviewed March 21, 2016

5 Stars 
Awestruck is Phenomenal
Our visit to Awestruck was outstanding. It was immediately obvious that the cabin was not built as a rental property but rather as a first-rate residence. Everything was top-notch, right down to the appliances. Furnishings are ample, plush and with a mountain motif. The walls are decorated with unbelievable wildlife photography. The cabin is spacious with unparalleled views. Every convenience has been considered and supplied. We will definitely go back.
Willy S- Reviewed January 6, 2016

5 Stars

"Phenomenal Home & Perfect Location & All the Amenities = Awestruck"
WOW! Hands down the best vacation home we have ever rented and will ever rent. Awestruck has every amenity you can think of (Shampoo, Soap, Xbox, Paperclips, Aspirin band aids, etc.). This home is beautiful, clean, comfortable and you never want leave. The views are like out of a Movie. The Wildlife that came around the property was as if It was cued in every day. My wife and I woke up to Deer walking by our bedroom window. The Staff at Windcliff were great and made checking in a breeze. The Owner David called when we arrived to make sure everything was great. Awestruck is a perfect home for families or couples looking to get away and stay in a perfect Colorado dream home. We will never forget this vacation home and hope to make it back again. Thank you for sharing your dream home with us.
Jacob G - Reviewed January 6, 2016

5 Stars
"Awestruck is Phenomenal"
Our visit to Awestruck was outstanding. It was immediately obvious that the cabin was not built as a rental property but rather as a first-rate residence. Everything was top-notch, right down to the appliances. Furnishings are ample, plush and with a mountain motif. The walls are decorated with unbelievable wildlife photography. The cabin is spacious with unparalleled views. Every convenience has been considered and supplied. We will definitely go back.
Will S – Reviewed January 6, 2016

5 Stars
"We didn't Want to Leave"
The reviews are accurate, this place is amazing. One of the best rentals we have ever experienced. The views are incredible, the home is outfitted with everything you could need, and the furnishings are comfortable. Wildlife abounds in this convenient location. Stay here and you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed November 17, 2015

5 Stars
"Awestruck proved to be a Jaw-dropping excellent vacation!"
We have stayed in many 5 star vacation homes across the United States and must say that Awestruck topped the chart ! It had beautiful mountain views, amazing wildlife photography throughout the house, a well-stocked kitchen, state of the art Jacuzzi , extra large hot tub, washing machine with detergent, fireplace with ample firewood, a welcome call when we arrived along with unique mountain decor in each room. On our last day at Awestruck, it snowed ! Several deer stepped in the driveway, and we found ourselves in a true winter wonderland. The drive up the mountain to the home in October may require an all-wheel drive. We were glad to have the extra help as it is a steep climb. The view is totally worth the effort!
David O'Brien - Reviewed November 15, 2015

5 Stars

"Simply Amazing... Again"
My husband and I returned to Awestruck this year for our first wedding anniversary and just didn't want to leave. David and Beth definitely know the right recipe for treating those bogged down by life, from immaculate hot tubs to Jacuzzi baths, life's stresses were quickly sloughed off and we were able to enjoy the trip to the fullest. A warm welcoming gift and just having the house ready for us just made the experience so much more. We will definitely be returning next year!
L. Tower – Reviewed May 1, 2015

5 Stars

"Simply Amazing... Again"
My husband and I returned to Awestruck this year for our first wedding anniversary and just didn't want to leave. David and Beth definitely know the right recipe for treating those bogged down by life, from immaculate hot tubs to Jacuzzi baths, life's stresses were quickly sloughed off and we were able to enjoy the trip to the fullest. A warm welcoming gift and just having the house ready for us just made the experience so much more. We will definitely be returning next year!
L. Tower – Reviewed May 1, 2015

5 Stars
"Absolutely perfect honeymoon spot!!"
My husband and I stayed at Awestruck for our honeymoon and it was just perfect! The house was clean, beautifully decorated and absolutely gorgeous! As soon as we arrived it felt like home! The house was stocked with all of the necessities and we had everything we needed when we arrived. We spent a lot of our time out on the deck taking in the amazing views, enjoyed the hot tub and loved the wood burning fireplace in the great room. Just a couple miles outside of downtown Estes Park, it doesn't get any better than this home! I'd highly recommend considering Awestruck for your next trip-it's somewhere we hope to return to in the future! I'm so glad we chose to stay Awestruck for our trip to Estes Park, it was perfect!!
Maggie M – Reviewed April 23, 2015

5 Stars
Awestruck ... the name says it all!
This is our 3rd stay at a Windcliff property and each time the bar gets raised higher and higher. I think we have finally hit the ceiling, as Awestruck is everything you could have ever dreamed of. Immaculate, stunning property with such amazing views from all of the rooms. The home is filled with amazing photos of wildlife, all taken by the owner. Everything is top notch and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet that could be a room by itself! Estes Park is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to be able to return to Awestruck real soon. It is beyond a home away from home. Thanks to David and his family for such a wonderful experience.
FlJaiAliaifFan- Reviewed April 22, 205

5 Stars
Absolutely stunning, we will return repeatedly.

Awestruck is most definitely appropriately named! We could not get over how nice everything was and the incredible view of the Rocky Mountains. The home has everything, looks and feels like new and the owner and staff are unbeatable.
We are most definitely going to return and are sharing this awesome location and stay with friends.
Jonathan – Reviewed on April 8, 2015

5 Stars
Awestruck...the name says it all.

This is our 3rd stay at a Windcliff property and each time the bar gets raised higher and higher. I think we have finally hit the ceiling, as Awestruck is everything you could have ever dreamed of. Immaculate, stunning property with such amazing views from all of the rooms. The home is filled with amazing photos of wildlife, all taken by the owner. Everything is top notch and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet that could be a room by itself! Estes Park is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to be able to return to Awestruck real soon. It is beyond a home away from home. Thanks to David and his family for such a wonderful experience.
FlJaiAliaifFan- Reviewed April 22, 2015

5 Stars
Awestruck...the name says it all.

This is our 3rd stay at a Windcliff property and each time the bar gets raised higher and higher. I think we have finally hit the ceiling, as Awestruck is everything you could have ever dreamed of. Immaculate, stunning property with such amazing views from all of the rooms. The home is filled with amazing photos of wildlife, all taken by the owner. Everything is top notch and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet that could be a room by itself! Estes Park is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to be able to return to Awestruck real soon. It is beyond a home away from home. Thanks to David and his family for such a wonderful experience.
FlJaiAliaifFan- Reviewed April 22, 2015

5 Stars
Awestruck...the name says it all.

This is our 3rd stay at a Windcliff property and each time the bar gets raised higher and higher. I think we have finally hit the ceiling, as Awestruck is everything you could have ever dreamed of. Immaculate, stunning property with such amazing views from all of the rooms. The home is filled with amazing photos of wildlife, all taken by the owner. Everything is top notch and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet that could be a room by itself! Estes Park is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to be able to return to Awestruck real soon. It is beyond a home away from home. Thanks to David and his family for such a wonderful experience.
FlJaiAliaifFan- Reviewed April 22, 2015

5 Stars
Absolutely stunning, we will return repeatedly.

Awestruck is most definitely appropriately named! We could not get over how nice everything was and the incredible view of the Rocky Mountains. The home has everything, looks and feels like new and the owner and staff are unbeatable.
We are most definitely going to return and are sharing this awesome location and stay with friends.
Jonathan – Reviewed on April 8, 2015

5 Stars
What a View
Luxury abounds in this spacious place.  Our family of five came for Spring Break and we spread way out in the entire house. Really enjoyed the kitchen set up. The location was great for day trips to Rocky Mountain National Park and the visitors center.
Joe - Reviewed March 19, 2015

5 Stars

This house exceeded our expectations! It is absolutely gorgeous with amazing views. The house is very cozy...and welcoming. It doesn't feel like a rental. The house is immaculate! Top notch decor. The bedding was very comfortable. The floor warmers in the bathroom are a nice touch. The hot tub was huge...very relaxing.The owners have it set up with everything you could ever need. Get some groceries and your set. Wish we could have stayed longer. We will definitely be back!
Lindsay - Reviewed March 8, 2015

5 Stars
This place will truly leave you AWESTRUCK!

All the reviews are dead on--this place is not just alright, it's phenomenal! Every creature comfort you can imagine is there. The views are spectacular; the house is top notch. The owner went out of his way to call (as he apparently always does) and check if everything was alright. If you want to start a fire, all the wood is provided. Even the kitchen is stocked with the most common spices/seasonings (even though we brought our own). The owner even provided sleds for some winter fun. The owners are so gracious. My older child (AKA husband) cracked one of the sleds; I contacted the owner and offered to replace it, but he told me don't even worry about it. There were floor warmers in the bathroom, many books to read in the loft, and lots of family board games to play. If you have little ones that may be afraid of the dark, there are even night lights in the bedrooms. The only thing we had a bit of a problem with was due to weather--and that is beyond anyone's control. After a whole day of snow, we managed to get up the mountain to the house only to find that we could not make it up the steep driveway in our SUV (FWD) due to the ice that had formed on it. The vehicle couldn't gain traction and began slipping backwards--VERY SCARY! We ended up having to shovel snow from the driveway and then pour hot water on the ice spots to melt them. But even the snow shovels were in the garage available for our use--thank goodness. Next time, we'll probably get a vehicle with AWD. Other than that, we had no problems. The pictures you see -- even though they show exactly how the house looks -- just don't do this beautiful home justice. Everything was wonderful and we will definitely return again! Thanks for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home!
Coaster Fan - Reviewed February 15, 2015

5 Stars
Phenomenal home and wonderful place to stay!
My wife and I picked this home to be where we would spend our honeymoon. It ended up being the best choice we could have possibly made. It is incredibly spacious and comfortable. The views are top-notch. The bedding is incredibly comfortable and warm. We enjoyed being able to cook our own food and enjoy comforts of home while in a new and exciting place. 

With no particular order of importance, here are some things that we loved about the home...and some thoughtful touches that the owner has added:

             - giant coffee mugs (seriously, these are huge! And so nice to hold while looking out over the mountains in the morning)

             - wildlife photography all over - it really is beautiful. My wife was especially delighted with the theme of the powder-room pictures

             - binoculars provided to look out over the valley and into Rocky Mountain National Park (what a thoughtful addition)

             - large wood-burning fireplace and great room to play games, read a book or just look out the window and enjoy the view

             - heated floors in the master bathroom (seriously, this was amazing)

             - beautiful decorations throughout the home including thick, soft blankets

             - thoughtful phone call from the home owner to provide tips on local places to eat and visit

There are countless other things that we could add. In short, this place is spectacular and we would gladly visit again. As with every place, there were a couple of small things here and there that needed to be addressed, but the property management company was eager to serve from the beginning and quick to respond as needed. No further complaints or concerns are necessary.

This place is fantastic for a couple or a family to enjoy time away with a breathtaking view out of almost every window. Thank you to the owners and to Windcliff Properties for making our honeymoon a relaxing and enjoyable one.
Joshua B – Reviewed November 17, 2014

5 Stars
Awestruck is an awesome place to stay!
Second time we've stayed at Awestruck. Even better than the first. It is exactly what I would want in a mountain home. Comfortable with awe inspiring views of the mountains. We will stay there again. Feels like home away from home.
William O – Reviewed October 16, 2014

5 Stars
Heaven on Earth
This was our third stay at Awestruck and once again this fabulous vacation home did not disappoint. Every arrival has found the house in immaculate condition thanks to the owners, David and Beth, who go above and beyond to make sure that your vacation is perfect down to the most minute detail. The house is well appointed, all you need is a quick trip to the local grocery that is very near and you are set for the week! We hiked right from the front door of Awestruck, an incredible trail, very quiet and peaceful. The plentiful aspens in the area were brilliant yellow and orange, sooo beautiful! We very much enjoyed RMNP and the wonderful trails, summiting Hallet Peak, hiking to Andrew's Glacier and Sky Pond were hikes of a lifetime! The weather was spectacular most days and the few days it drizzled gave us time to recharge and enjoy the magnificent home! The hot tub is HUGE and the view doesn't get any better! What's better than sitting in a hot tub that looks out over the mountain you just summited???? The elk were putting on a great show bugling and chasing cows, we were lucky enough to see a group of nine bighorn rams with massive curls on Trail Ridge Road, what an experience! We love this place and truly to us this is Heaven on Earth!
Laura K – Reviewed October 10, 2014

5 Stars
Ultimate dream come true!
We fell in love with the Awestruck the minute we saw it. Our "Dream On" came true to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary!! We were very impressed that the owner called and wished us a nice stay and "Happy Anniversary". Awestruck lives up to its name. Everything about the place was very comfortable and made you feel at home, the hardwood floors were a nice touch also. The hot tub was fabulous and the fireplace was very inviting! It was so nice to be able to wake up and look out our window and see the sunrise over the mountains and watching the deer feed right by the house! We also were able to have our daughter and her significant other enjoy the stay also. We will be back to enjoy the Awestruck again! 
Judy M – Reviewed September 20, 2014

5 Stars
Unforgettable stay in mountain home with views that left us speechless.
 We had already read many of the reviews and had viewed pictures of Awestruck before our trip, and we knew we were in for a stay at a home that was extra-special. But none of the pictures or reviews did it complete justice. This home must be seen and stayed at to be believed. From the moment we walked in the garage and headed up the stairs to the great room, we were in awe of the tremendous views of Rocky Mountain National Park. We went from room to room and were literally blown away by the beauty of this home and attention to detail that the owners have put into it, even down to the many framed pictures of wildlife they had taken, the kitchen with everything we needed, and the wonderful bedding in every room. Having David call us the 2nd day of our stay was an extra nice touch, and it was great to talk to the owner personally.

We have been to Estes Park many times and stayed in other inns along Hwy 34 and Hwy 36, but this time, traveling with our 2 college-age kids, we wanted to do something extra and have plenty of space to spread out, as well as enjoy nature and God's creation. After perusing the Windcliff web site we quickly decided on Awestruck. 

We loved every minute staying at this house, from having morning coffee on the deck of the home and watching the sunrise and create the alpenglow on the mountains, to grilling on the deck off the kitchen, and staying out late to watch the millions of stars at night.

We are already planning our return trip to Awestruck. We can't wait to go back!
Todd – Reviewed July 15, 2014

5 Stars
Perfect !!!!!!!!
 Awestruck is amazing!!  A view that will challenge any in the country. We travel extensively and Awestruck will rival anything, anywhere as a top notch place to stay. This home is not furnished with low grade "typical rental cabin" type furniture and appliances. This is truly a mountain dream home. David and Beth (Awestruck owners) went against the norm and have gone all out to make this home a class act. Top quality furniture, decor, and appliances throughout. David is also an extremely talented photographer which all the pictures in Awestruck were taken by him which I thought was cool. I actually asked him if he was a professional by trade, nope, just a hobby. David called the first night to greet us and welcome us to Awestruck. He even called a second time during the stay to let us know he was informed a bear was active and had been seen in the immediate area of Awestruck. Very thoughtful and we appreciated it. Windcliff made us aware of bear activity as well. David and Beth are also avid hikers and they provide extensive information in a binder about hiking and activities in the area. Check out the information provided if you enjoy hiking as it is very helpful and informative.

My Family enjoyed every minute at Awestruck. I would highly recommend some downtime simply to enjoy the home and it's surroundings. Wildlife is everywhere near and around Awestruck. David and Beth have created a gem with Awestruck and it's fantastic people have the opportunity to experience it. They should probably publish a book about how to create the ultimate vacation home and experience. I could ramble on and on and on so in a nutshell, TOP QUALITY HOME, TOP QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN WINDCLIFF, and TOP QUALITY OWNERS !!! Thanks for the memories!!!!
Alwaysea – Reviewed on July 12, 2014 

5 Stars
Fantastic Vacation Home
What an awesome place! My husband and I have vacationed at Awestruck at various times of the year and all have been wonderful! In May, we found the house immaculate as usual and the weather was wonderfully mild. The winter trails in RMNP did not disappoint and the park was filled with elk, deer, bighorn sheep and even the occasional moose! David and Beth make sure that you feel right at home by providing all of the amenities you would find in your own home for preparing meals and a handy guide that instructs you through all aspects of your stay - even hiking trail suggestions and tips. The hot tub is exceptional and gets you prepared for another day of hiking in the park - the view from the hot tub is outstanding and we were joined by a mule deer one evening while serenaded by the gobbling Tom turkeys! Awestruck is by far our favorite vacation spot, EVER! It feels more like home each time we visit! Can't wait until we return, the countdown has started!!!
Laura K – Reviewed on June 1, 2014

5 Stars
On Top of the World

Spent 9 nights in mid May at what is truly an awesome property in every respect. The attention to detail and ambiance left us truly "Awestruck". Everything one could want was made available for our use. It is really hard to believe that this is actually a rental home as everything was first class right down to the bed linens, towels and every item of decoration and furnishing. Having the owner actually call and welcome us to the home was a very professional and appreciated touch and then to have him call back the next day with information regarding Moose sightings was so appreciated. (We got to see the Moose). During our stay we experienced a Spring snowstorm of over 3 feet at the house and the house and hot tub could not have been more comfortable. (I might add the management team kept the roads and driveway plowed so we were not trapped at any time). The views from the "great room" with so much snow was essentially indescribable as you just had to be there. Sort of like the Grand Canyon where pictures are nice but you really have to be there. This comes from a native Coloradoan who has seen lots of mountain scenes, but who from some reason left Colorado years ago and migrated to Virginia. It was good to be back home!! I think that one would be hard pressed to find a rental property in any resort area of this caliber at the rental price. Trying to think how to get another period at this "awesome" house as it is booked solid.
Alan S. – Reviewed on May 25, 2014

5 Stars
Best of the best, quite simply AMAZING!
This was our second stay at Awestruck and we will continue to return year after year. No other vacation rentals that we have stayed in at Estes Park compares to this home . The owner's commitment to make your stay a memorable one does not fall short in any way. I could go on and on and repeat all the wonderful things people have to say about this home and the natural beauty that surrounds you during your stay but I won't. It is all true and if you haven't already booked this beautiful home, what are you waiting for! I just wished we lived 10 hours closer, we would be staying more than once a year!

V. Knepper – Reviewed on May 4, 2014

5 Stars
Outstanding Home....Wedding Weekend
In choosing Awestruck, our choice could not have been better to spend four nights over our son's wedding weekend in Estes!  We flew in from the east coast to a truly remarkable and complete home!!  It felt like our home!!!  Every amenity was there, and the serenity and views were just terrific!!  We've rented home in the states, islands and Mexico...this ranked with the best!!

Art & Gina - reviewed on 5/3/2014

5 Stars
Truly, as Close to Heaven on Earth as you can Get!!"
The pictures don't do it justice!!  I've never stayed in a better place, nor will I ever stay in another place in Estes Park.  Aside from the food, there should be no other reason to leave the home.  Absolutely every amenity is available.  The owners have gone above & beyond to provide a beautiful, comfortable home.  Well worth the money!!
Tripstermama- reviewed on 4/7/2014

5 Stars
Awestruck Again
My husband and I have stayed in Awestruck on three different trips to Estes Park.  Yet again, we couldn't be happier with the experience.  The house is amazingly comfortable and welcoming.  The owner's hospitality is exceptional.  Is it too soon to book our stay for next year? 
The Kelleys- reviewed on 4/5/2014

5 Stars
Awestruck Again
My husband and I have stayed in Awestruck on three different trips to Estes Park.  Yet again, we couldn't be happier with the experience.  The house is amazingly comfortable and welcoming.  The owner's hospitality is exceptional.  Is it too soon to book our stay for next year? 
The Kelleys- reviewed on 4/5/2014

5 Stars
Awestruck = Incredible!!
My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon at Awestruck and I can't tell you how incredible it was.  Everything was perfect!  I think we were most happy with all that Awestruck has:  the flat screen tvs, blu-rays, x-box, all  your essential cooking needs, very up-to-date appliances, a huge grill, a hot tub Jacuzzi, fire places, garage, washer, dryer and two king size beds, a huge master bathroom and amazing views!!  My wife and I were extremely sad to leave, but we know for sure that we will be back!  If you are looking for a luxurious vacation home near Rocky Mountain National Park for a good price, Awestruck is the place!
Jeremy- reviewed on 4/3/2014

5 Stars
Amazing Views
Waking up every morning to the beautiful mountains was breathtaking. The cabin was everything and more than we expected. It was so quiet and the animals were beautiful.  One morning we had twelve beautiful doe at our door.   Then every evening and morning they came.   I would refer everyone to stay here it was awesome!
Christine- reviewed on 1/1/2014

5 Stars
Nothing short of perfection!
My family and I had the most amazing tranquil stay at this gorgeous, dreamy home.  It felt like home from the moment we stepped foot in the door.  We will never stay anywhere else in Estes Park again!  Thank you so much for everything and helping us have a very memorable getaway!!!
James- reviewed on 12/26/2013

5 Stars
The Perfect Cabin in the Mountains
My wife and I rented this cabin for a winter weekend in December.  It was very comfortable and we felt right at home.  The living area was large with huge windows that gave us stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.  The place was decorated like something out of a magazine.  Nothing bad to say at all.
Dave and Angie- reviewed on 12/8/2013

5 Stars
A perfect start to a new family tradition
We had a wonderful stay at Awestruck for our Thanksgiving holiday weekend.   The home was immaculate and had everything we could possibly need for a fun weekend and also cooking an expansive meal.  It was a perfect location, just close enough, but also far enough away from town to truly feel like we got away from it all. We also enjoyed taking nice walks up the mountain with incredible views of the mountains the whole way.  Thank you so much for sharing your home with our family as we truly had a remarkable time and didn't want to leave!!!
The Goods- reviewed on 12/8/2013

5 Stars
Top notch gorgeous rental in paradise!
We spent 4 nights at Awestruck and the property was a perfect vacation for our family!  The owner has gone above and beyond to provide you with a gorgeous view from every room, heated bathroom floors, a large hot tub and a sunken tub in one of the two master bedrooms (to name a few of our favorite amenities).  We never wanted to leave this dream house!
Becky- reviewed on 10/16/2013

5 Stars
Fantastic getaway at Awestruck!
We had a fantastic getaway at Awestruck!  It is a beautiful house in a magnificent setting. David and Beth provided all of the amenities, and then some, to make our stay luxurious and comfortable but warm and cozy at the same time.  Our spirits weren't dampened by the ran either.  David even called to ask whether we needed any recommendations for indoor activities when he saw we were getting rain.  It mean a lot that he was so attentive.  Our stay ended at the beginning of the torrential rains and devastating flooding.  Awestruck was the perfect haven, safe and dry, even when the town below was starting to experience the flooding.  And the Windcliff staff was the best!  The day we lost power, George stopped by to make sure we had everything we needed - extra firewood, flashlights, water and food.  It was an anxious time for all, but the neighbors and folks in town were all very helpful and pulled together when it was needed the most.  We will definitely be back.  We'll never get enough of RMNP and Awestruck was the perfect place to enjoy the wonder and beauty of Colorado.
Jen and Chuck - reviewed on 9/23/2013

5 Stars
Everything was perfect for our family.  From the moment we stepped foot in the rental house, we felt very comfortable. Thank you very much for the superb customer services, it mean a lot to us. We'll definitely be back for our future family vacations and we'll recommend Awestruck to our family and friends.
Rachelle Pawlik - reviewed on 9/10/2013

5 Stars
Would recommend
Very nice home.  A fully stocked kitchen with new appliances.  Good location close to RMNP entrance and close to town.  New gas grill, great views, nice furnishings.  DirecTV when you can't hike another step!  New hot tub.  If I could change anything, I would 1. Add a ceiling fan in the master BR, 2. Add undercounter lighting in kitchen.  3. Replace fiberglass showerpan with marble or tile in MBR.  Book this property, you'll be glad you did!!
RFS - reviewed on 9/4/2013

5 Stars
Great Trip!!!
We stayed here July 6 - 13 and had a wonderful time.  The home was all that was advertised and we're talking about when to make our return trip!
Brian H - reviewed on 7/31/2013

5 Stars
Truly an escape into relaxation

This review is long overdue but our wonderful vacation at Awestruck is not far from our minds.  My husband and I fell in love with Estes Park, Colorado and were thrilled to return with our children the summer of 2012 and most recently in June of this year (2013).  Both times we have had the privilege of renting Awestruck with our friends and their children.  The beautiful house sits on a mountainside facing Rocky Mountain National Park. It is filled with every amenity possible. The bedrooms are spacious, boasting two master bedrooms with king-sized beds, a large third bedroom with twin beds and a loft area that converts into sleeping quarters. The floor plan was perfect for sharing and at the end of the day, our children could not wait to come "home" to it. They loved the play station, board games and playing in the hot tub and being visited by deer and elk daily. The house is minutes away from the YMCA of the Rockies. Our children attended day camp and had the opportunity to go on hikes, ride horses, swim and much more. However, they were not the only ones having a wonderful time. We (the adults) went on long hikes, tried our hand at fly-fishing, filled memory cards with pictures of wildlife and scenic spots, and I took advantage of the spa at The Stanley Hotel. At the end of the day, we had a habit of heading into town with the kids for Go-cart races, shopping, and sight-seeing. Most of all, we looked forward to returning to Awestruck for the opportunity to relax on the balcony while looking at the beautiful view. The adults had a nightly ritual of talking long into the night as the sun set and we watched the stars light up the sky (every night was more amazing than the previous one). Awestruck is a beautiful home and we cannot wait to return next year. It has become one of the reasons vacationing in Colorado is something we look forward to doing throughout the year. I hope this review encourages you to reserve your vacation accommodations at Awestruck. It is breathtaking.
Wendy - reviewed 7/23/2013

5 Stars
Perfect Vacation Stay
As we go to check into the home, for our second Summer in as many years, the lady says "enjoy the nicest home on the mountain". And that we did. They have thought of every need or want imaginable. That said, we spend nearly all of our time on the deck as the sun set and into the night taking in the cool mountain air. We hit the mountains of RMNP by day, then retreat to the luxury of the home and company of our friends. Perfect for our two families and kids. 
Brad - reviewed on 7/13/2013

5 Stars
Wonderful Home
My family had a relaxing stay in Awestruck. We enjoyed the hot tub after a rigorous day of hiking. The home has everything. We received a call from the owners the first day and welcomed us and treated us like his brother. We've stayed at Windcliff before but this time was our favorite. It was hard to leave. If you get an opportunity to stay in Awestruck, you'll understand why it's our favorite.
R&B - reviewed on 6/20/2013

5 Stars
Total Relaxation
This place is exactly how it looks in the pictures and more ..we went for our 7 yr anniv and to get away and relax..we were extremely shocked at the Cabin and everything that came with it ...the owners and their hospitality was great ...they kept in touch with us before and through out the stay ..everything we needed was at the cabin ..everything was quality from the decor to the appliances..we were hoping to see wildlife at sometime during our 5 day stay ...we didn't expect to see it everyday much as you feel like you are far away and at peace ..the town is just a 5-7 minute drive around the corner...i would recommend this place to anybody ! we usually go on about 3 or 4 vacations a yr and sooner or later you hit a dip in the road along the way ..i was please to say ..Awestruck raised the bar again ! thanks to the owners and the windcliff staff for sharing this Beautiful Cabin and the cleanliness
KT - Reviewed no 5/27/2013

5 Stars
A Must Stay Home
We stayed at Windcliff 2 years ago (Stoker Chalet)and needed a bigger home for our family. We wanted the same luxurious feel of that home but didn't need as many bedrooms. We made the perfect choice with awestruck. Everything was perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything else. All of our needs were meet even before we opened the door. We loved all the National Parks pictures from around the country that were actually taken by the owners. We were surprised by a phone call from the owners, making sure we had everything we needed and were happy with our stay. You don't see that kind of customer service just anywhere. It was everything we wanted for our 20th anniversary vacation and more. We can't wait to come back next year and spend more days enjoying the amenities and beauty of awestruck and the Nat'l Park. 
Very Pleased - reviewed on 5/20/2013

5 Stars
An absolutely wonderful experience!
My wife and I were coming up on our 10 year anniversary and since we had honeymooned in Estes Park, we wanted to go back. We looked at many of the available properties in the area, and finally decided on awestruck. We were not disappointed in our choice. Not only did we see Elk, Mule Deer, and a Bobcat on the ride up to the house, we were blown away by the property. The house was gorgeous and looked brand new! Inside and out the condition of the property was top notch, and it had a beautiful interior, something you'd see on HGTV (for all those guys forced to watch).

With an astonishing view of the mountains, you could spend the entire trip sitting in the great room just watching the day go by on the snowy peaks. But you're only minutes from town and the park, so there's much to do and see right outside the door. I took advantage of some of the trails beginning in the development and hiked to Teddy's Teeth above the house, while my wife curled up underneath a blanket and enjoyed the morning with a cup of coffee. It was an awesome view and a good challenge.

The owner called the day after we arrived and was extremely accommodating and great to talk with. One thing I would bring next time would be a spotting scope or good pair of bino's to enjoy the awesome surroundings.  
Ten years after our first trip out, we had a wonderful time, and can't wait for the next 10 to pass so we can get back out to Awestruck!
Tim and Tina - reviewed on 5/7/2013

5 Stars
The house has great views and all the conveniences
We were very pleased with tho location of this house. The views were wonderful. Every convenience was available, we felt very "at home". Hiking was our goal, and many trails were near by. A very pleasant experience!
P&K - reviewed on 4/18/2013

5 Stars
Completely Awestruck
After reading the reviews and doing research we decided to choose the awestruck rental and we have absolutely no regrets in doing so. This home is amazing and caters to your every need. From the moment we walked in, we all felt right at home. My fiance' and I were traveling on vacation w/ my two children who are 9 and 11. The views, inside and out, are even better than the pictures!! The beauty of this home and the love that has been put into it by the owners surpassed our expectations. The owners called the day we checked in and welcomed us, making sure we have all that we need and arrived safe and also emailed again after we left to make sure we made it home safely. They are truly a pleasure to meet and deal with and take pride in their beautiful home and sharing it with others. This place was so "homey" from the beautiful hard wood floors, knotty pine, comfortable furniture, beds and fireplace...not to mention the heated bathroom floors, whirlpool tub and hot tub. Absolutely amazing!!! There was so much space in this home that the only regret we had was not taking more family and friends with us!! lol The owners provide everything you could possibly need or think of. The kitchen was stocked with everything for cooking in and plenty of dishes, glasses, etc...The view from the dining table was beautiful as well as the view from every single window in the home!! The decorations and photography of this home was so enjoyable to see. The Windcliff Property managers were a pleasure to deal with and also welcomed us and called to check in and let us know they would be coming to plow the drive after a big snowfall. Getting up at 6:00 am to watch the sunrise was so worth it and recommended by David, the owner. My kids enjoyed the big televisions, games, movies and xbox that are provided and had so much fun just "living" here for 5 days. We spent a lot of time inside the home and a lot of time out exploring as well. We saw elk and deer right by the house, every day of our stay. I think they feel right at home there as well. Rocky Mountain National Park is so easy to get to, as well as downtown Estes, restaurants, shops, etc...The welcome book was so nice to have because they even pointed out favorite hikes that can be accessed from the home. I have nothing bad to say at all about our vacation. It was like a dream come true and so amazing!! We have definitely found our vacation home and plan to return again with more of our family and friends to share it with. If you want the perfect place to stay, this is it!! There aren't enough words to describe it!!! Definitely awestruck!!!
Liz20Am - reviewed on 3/25/2013

5 Stars
Our week in Estes Park was serene and beautiful.
Our theme for the week was seek and you shall find.  Everything you could need in a home was at Awestruck.  The kitchen had all of the necessary gadgets to cook a big family meal.  The views were gorgeous from so many vantage points in the home.  We had a spectacular week and although I like to visit many different places, my husband and I have traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park many times and could definitely see ourselves coming back.  If so, Awestruck would be our only choice in the area.  Awestruck is a fabulous home with all the creature comforts you could ask for in a home.
Suzanne - reviewed on 3/20/2013

5 Stars
Awestruck was absolutely perfect!
I invited two other couples to join us for my birthday weekend and we had an amazing time.   The house had everything you could ever need.  We hated to leave!  I was very impressed that the owner call us the first morning to see if we had everything we needed and that we were enjoying our stay.  Such a nice personal touch!
N/A- reviewed on 3/19/2013

5 Stars

The photos don’t do it justice.
You know how sometimes you look at the on-line photos of a property and the real thing just doesn't live up to the pictures? You know how sometimes you read the rave reviews and when you get there you wonder what those people were thinking? Well awestruck is far better than the pictures. The view is far better than the pictures. The property is far better than the reviews. And snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park is heaven. And following a cold, snowing day in the mountains with a really hot hot tub (and really cold beer) is the best of all. Full disclosure: the property managers keep the house in tip top condition, but we found them difficult to deal with. They raised the price above the price quoted on Flip Key, and wouldn't honor their advertised price (bait and switch), but we went anyway and the place was worth the money. They pushed the "property damage insurance" (which we declined) and then we had a hassle at the end over some small damage -- in fairness, this was resolved satisfactorily. Conclusion: we'll go back again and again.
Matt from Denver - reviewed on 2/22/2013

5 Stars
Gorgeous, warm, cozy, perfect house.
It is hard to describe how gorgeous and wonderful Awestruck is, or how perfect our stay at Awestruck was. The house is warm, beautiful and equipped with everything you could possibly want, and the views from all windows are stunning.  We had such an amazing weekend, and saw deer and elk each day of our stay.  My family cannot wait to go back.  I can't think of a more perfect place to spend a family vacation.  Than you for opening your home to us!
Rania - reviewed on 2/17/2013

5 Stars
Breathtaking Views!

If you are looking to get away from the big city and need aa relaxing weekend away from it all, then look no further!  This place is amazing!  The house is extremely clean and welcoming.  Tviews are breathtaking!!  My husband and I will recommend this home for all our friends and family.  We couldn't get ourselves away from the beautiful views which you get to enjoy from every room in the house.  Rent it, you will not regret it!
Zeltwangers - reviewed on 11/19/2012

5 Stars
A beautiful vacation home that lives up to the great reviews

We are a family of four (Mom, Dad, 2 young, adult children) who stayed for 5 days at Awestruck in Estes Park this September. Thanks to Trip Adviser and Flip Key reviews, we had very high expectations. This place is truly worthy of all the great reviews!  It starts with extremely friendly and customer-oriented owners, who clearly have worked hard to provide an outstanding experience for their guests.

The home is very nicely furnished in true "mountain retreat" style, with every amenity you could ask for. We cooked several meals there, and always found whatever we needed to prepare and serve our food.  All of the utensils, dishes, and appliances were very high quality and super-clean.

The views were entrancing, whether from the deck or from inside the house.  After hours of hiking, we sure appreciated the hot tub to tend to our sore muscles! I loved the photographs that adorned every room, all taken by the owner, with amazing shots of wildlife from Colorado and Alaska (and other places, I'm sure).

The folks at the gatehouse, where you check in, are very friendly and helpful, with good advice on sensible precautions (bears are active this year!) and suggestions for local activities.  Honestly, the home was so clean and welcoming, the only problem I had with the place was checking out...we really hated to leave.

Highly, highly, recommended for couples or families who are looking for an amazing place to stay that offers privacy and all the comforts of home, in a fabulous mountain setting.
Laura - reviewed on 9/21/2012

5 Stars
Absolutely Amazing

Let me just say that Awestruck is the perfect name for this house. Not only was this home more beautiful than we expected, the views were incredible. There was nothing anyone could need staying here, the owners thought of everything. every little detail was thought out and perfect. For some of us, it was our first trip to the area and Awestruck spoiled us. I loved that David, the owner even called us upon arrival to see if we needed anything..I loved that. Would definitely stay again!

Dina - reviewed on 9/10/2012

5 Stars
Fabulous Family Retreat

We enjoyed a great week at awestruck. The owners have provided everything you could need or want for a great vacation. If traveling with toddlers, be prepared to use your ingenuity to block off 2 stair cases. The views are amazing in this comfortably luxurious home. The Windcliff staff was very responsive and took care of the few issues we had in the week. We enjoyed the location as well, far enough out of Estes to be very serene and quiet.
Grammy and Koho - reviewed on 9/10/2012

5 Stars
Breathtaking views, beautiful property, you wont' need for anything

Service was terrific. The home is beautifully decorated. The pictures don't do it justice!! Seems like a small thing, but since cell phones don't work there, the owner has provided a land line for all to use--they have thought of everything. The hot tub was enjoyed by all. Our kids enjoyed hiking the trails right on the mountain. We had a wonderful week of vacation and would rent from Windcliff again!!
Tom and Sue - reviewed on 8/17/2012

5 Stars
Exceeded Expectations

We had high expectations after reading reviews and seeing photos of Awestruck and we were not disappointed. We were in awe from the minute we stepped inside! The house does not have the feel of a's more like a home of a friend.

My wife and I traveled with my 20 year old son and 18 year old daughter (tough ages to please) and they truly enjoyed hanging in the great room, playing xBox, and reading on the deck overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park. They also took use of the iHome unit in the kitchen by playing country music via an iPhone throughout our stay and watched a few of the movies available in the well stocked collection.

During our stay we took advantage of activities within 20 minutes - golf, fishing, downtown shopping, dinning out, touring the park, and horseback riding. The later I do not recommend the day before a 4 hour flight home as our bottoms are somewhat sore :-). We also spotted Elk and deer almost ever time we ventured out.

I would recommend Awestruck to anyone looking for the adventures of the Estes Park area or someone looking for high end accommodations (at a decent price) for relaxing whilst taking in awesome views.

Some tips - you may want to check out what's in the kitchen before doing any serious food shopping as the kitchen is well stocked with the basics. I also suggest getting use to the altitude for a few days before traveling into the higher sections of the park. You also want to avoid downtown on the weekends if possible as it gets busy (or venture into town early or later in the evening). We went horseback ridding just down the road at Cowpoke Corner Corral and took the 2 hour tour which was basically switchbacks up and down the mountain. While we did enjoy the ride and views, I think we would have preferred their sister stable rides in the park. And again, you may not want to ride the day before a long journey home.

I wanted to end my review by saying the house has all the comfort of home...but...we don't have a 7 person hot tub, a great room with such views, a sunken tub in our master bedroom, a king size bed in our daughters room, views of the Rocky Mountains, or so many actives within 15 minutes of our home. We make a point to do something special during our annual vacation together and this one is going down as one of the best!
Wondering Willie - reviewed on 8/17/2012

5 Stars
Breathtaking views, beautiful property, you won't need for anything

Service was terrific. The home is beautifully decorated. The pictures don't do it justice!! Seems like a small thing, but since cell phones don't work there, the owner has provided a land line for all to use--they have thought of everything. The hot tub was enjoyed by all. Our kids enjoyed hiking the trails right on the mountain. We had a wonderful week of vacation and would rent from Windcliff again!!
Tom and Sue - reviewed on 8/17/2012

5 Stars
Off the Charts Amazing
Wake up to and live with breath taking views. First class accommodations, decorating and amenities. You will want to stay longer. Extremely accommodating.

Amazing - reviewed on 8/9/2012

5 Stars
Awestruck offered us luxury and comfort in our very favorite place

Awestruck is a beautiful home located in a spectacular setting. Offering terrific views of the mountains, every creature-comfort one could want, and personal touches that make it more of a vacation "home" than a rental house, Awestruck was the perfect place for us to stay. It is immaculate, wonderfully decorated, and furnished perfectly. The amenities are unsurpassed...every appliance you could want...fully stocked kitchenware...upscale TVs and video equipment...comfy furniture & beds...gas grill...washer/dryer...the works! Perhaps one of the very best features of the home is the vast collection of wildlife photography (all taken by the owner, himself)...stunning work that truly adds to value of the home! We cannot say enough great things about Awestruck...we'll be back, for sure!
Janie B - reviewed on 8/1/2012

5 Stars
We had an Awesome time!

Shout out! To David and his family for sharing their home with us during our getaway to Windcliff in Estes Park. The home is awesome and truly matched the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The owner (David) actually took the time to call and welcome us on our first day, how cool is that! Thanks again for sharing your home and we look forward to returning to the Awestruck as soon as possible. Btw-the new hot tub is great!
Lyle and Cathy - reviewed on 6/21/2012

5 Stars
We look forward to enjoying another stay here!! 

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home and having a most enjoyable stay. We appreciate all you provided in your home for your guests to use. The view is beautiful. We were married while in Estes, with our reception/dinner at the Stanley Hotel. We are high school sweet hearts that re-united after being apart for 31 years and missing each other all that time. Our phrase on the bottom of our wedding invitations is "It is never too late to live happily ever after". We could not believe our eyes when we walked in to the master bedroom and saw the needle point framed picture of the same phrase. We knew it was meant to be for us to spend that special time in your home. We enjoyed much wildlife near the house; mule deer right outside our windows, elk, wild turkey, rabbits, chipmunks, humming birds, many other birds.
Randy and Lisa - reviewed on 6/7/2012

5 Stars
Best home in Estes!! 

Simply the best experience that you can have in Estes!!! Words don't do it justice, must try!!!I
Cactus Bob's BBQ Coral - reviewed on 6/4/2012

5 Stars
The Best 

I would love to stay here again! I have never stayed in such a gorgeous home we went for our honeymoon and I would love to go back with family it has 2 master bedrooms and I loved the wood burning fireplace we used that everyday! The location had wonderful views and we saw deer everyday as we left the mountain.

S - reviewed on 5/16/2012

5 Stars It was the perfect place to stay for our honeymoon in the mountains
The cabin is decorated so neat! The layout of the house flows perfectly! The kitchen has everything you need to cook a wonderful meal. The hot tub is the nicest hot tub I have ever seen! This cabin makes you feel at home. :)
Kaylyn- reviewed on 5/16/2012

5 Stars
Awestruck in an understatment

I felt like a Queen staying at this castle!  The attention to detail was amazing & there wasn't  a single thing I would have changed (okay maybe the road getting in, but I understand without the trek I wouldn't have the it was well worth it).  High end everything and truly unbelievable views.  Best beds we have ever slept on and by far the best place we have every stayed.  Next time, we're bringing guests!  I'm still speechless.  The pics don't even do justice to it.  Do keep in mind, though, that Windcliff has a zero cancellation policy w/n 30 days of arrival, and they told me that includes weather that would prohibit you from accessing the cabin. For us, it was a gamble worth taking, but I also think it is worth mentioning.
Celicagtlover - reviewed on 3/7/2012

5 Stars
Absolutlely amazing property and mountain views...just outstanding

We planned a trip to "Awestruck" to surprise my Mother who is battling liver cancer so bravely! I don't know what to say but thank you Beth and David for allowing us to spend the most wonderful time together as a family! We played games, set by the fire, grilled out on the deck with the amazing views, enjoyed the hot tub, and watched the Giants win the Super Bowl (Go Giants!). There were seven of us that stayed and we had plenty of room throughout this amazing house! My Mom had such a wonderful time and I think this is just what she needed to get her mind and spirit in a good place. I feel when she returns home she will be able to fight even harder to beat her cancer! We took lots of pictures of the deer and elk that wandered by the property. My brothers and I enjoyed some morning runs around the Eaglecliff Circle loop but since I'm from Indiana I had to walk up the hills, the altitude will humble you no matter what kind of shape you are in. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this property with us and special thanks to Windcliff Properties for making the reservation and stay effortless! We can’t wait to come back!!!
Robert - reviewed on 2/14/2012

5 Stars
The house made for a magical honeymoon!

This house was simply amazing!  So much room and so many things to do!  My husband and I chose this house for our honeymoon because of its location, good reviews and breathtaking scenery The pictures posted cannot portray the beauty of the scenery surrounding this home.  Another reason we chose this house is for seclusion (just enough seclusion that we wouldn't have other homes in our view of the mountains).  We stopped to get groceries and were not bored for 1 second at this home for the 3 days we stayed.  The hot tub, games in the loft, movies that are provided & wildlife surrounding the area made our vacation enjoyable and relaxing.  We are from Texas and were worried about driving in the snow, but the roads leading to this home are very well kept!  Windcliff office staff were super friendly and the owner will call you the first night of your stay to welcome you. We've already started to plan our next vacation to this home for next year!
Meg - reviewed on 12/28/2011

5 Stars
The house was amazing, you had everything you needed and more. God blessed us with such wonderful memories. We'll definitely go back to capture more!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.
Jon & Susan Davis - reviewed on 12/21/2011

5 Stars
Winter Wonderland
This was our second time to stay in this beautiful home. All of the furnishings and amenities make you feel just like you are in a luxury resort. The second day we were here, it snowed 20". What a spectacular sight. We will be back as soon as we can.

Randy Clark - reviewed on 11/14/2011

5 Stars
A+ Rental from the Home to the Staff

Our first trip to Estes Park was in 1978. We started coming on a regular basis, 1-2 times per year, since 1990. The Awestruck is by far our favorite home at Windcliff, not that all the homes are Great ... But the Awestruck goes above & Beyond! For example, all homes come equipped with the essentials (hair dryers, iron & ironing board, etc) but David & Beth provide you with Top Notch products. They also continue to improve their home with new items. This year we were surprised to see they added Heated Floors in the bathrooms!! What a Plus!! There were also new decorations in the home. David makes it a point to call all guests on their first night ... Just to be sure everything is OK!! He makes you feel as if you have been "friends" for a long time. We look forward to all our trips at the Awestruck Home and will be counting the months until we come back.
Karen & Jerry - reviewed on 11/9/2011

5 Stars

This house is amazing!! The views and facilities are the best. We enjoyed the hot tub,we enjoyed the trails, my husband and kids enjoyed the x-box!!! What a wonderful place and what a wonderful setting - reminds you of what an amazing place Estes Park is!
Anna - reviewed on 11/6/2011

5 Stars
Just got back from staying at "Awestruck". What a wonderful place to stay. The house is set high on a mountain and has a wonderful view that is breath taking. The house is well decorated and has everything you would need for a stay. Area very quite and you have almost a daily visit of wildlife. David the owner called us to wish us a nice time and was very friendly. If you get some time to visit that area stay here you will not regret it.

Mark - reviewed on 10/26/2011

5 Stars
I was totally Awestruck

This house was one of the most beautiful homes I have seen, & the views where spectacular. It meant a lot to us that the owner contacted us when we got there and asked us how things were going. We enjoyed his booklet giving us a little history on his vision on how he wanted this house to be enjoyed by all guests. Everything in that house from the furniture, to the wall decor is so inviting, You become so relaxed in this house. This was one off the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on. I will definitely come back and stay here again. Thanks to the owners for letting us enjoy your beautiful home!!!
I will recommend this place to everybody I know.
Lisa Marie - reviewed on 10/12/2011

5 Stars
A luxurious home base from which to explore RMNP

I spent a long "girls getaway" weekend at Awestruck with two friends.   The house is beautiful and much bigger than needed.  The views are superb.  It is very near the entrance to the national park, and the town of Estes Park.  The only drawback to the house is that the downstairs bedrooms share a bath, knocking the feeling of luxury down just a step.  Also, it would have been nice to have had some basic food staples available.  The kitchen was well appointed for cooking, but we had to buy everything (condiments, etc.) so it was a bit pricey.  Would definitely recommend the house, though.  The management and owner are all very helpful and attentive.  Mountain views from every room!
Goingone - reviewed on 10/12/2011

5 Stars
Awestruck has it all!

We loved everything about this house - the setting, the views, the amenities and the furnishings.  The owners have taken great care to make this the perfect getaway.  David, the owner, even check in with us the first evening to be sure that we were comfortable and that everything met our expectations.
LoneStar Travelers - reviewed on 10/11/2011

5 Stars
Fantastic Home
This was our seventh September at Windcliff and the fifth home we have stayed in. It is a wonderful home with great views and every imaginable amenity. If this house doesn't have it you probably don't need it. This was the first time an owner has actually called us at the home to introduce himself and tell us about the unique features of the home. This made us feel as though we were true guests as opposed to mere renters. This is a truly lovely and welcoming house that we hope to occupy for many September visits to come. If I were ever to use superlatives to describe a place (which I do not as rule) this would surely be the exception as per the title of this review.

Linda - reviewed on 10/5/2011

5 Stars
I would give it more stars if I could!

Simply a wonderful house!  We loved everything about it and the location!  There was plenty of room for everyone (me, my wife, our 10 month old son and my parents). We cooked at the house every night and enjoyed some spectacular views. The living room does get warm in the afternoon, but we just opened windows and got a really nice breeze going through the house. Besides, I will gladly take the warmth in the afternoon to get the views that we were afforded out of those living room windows!
Nik - reviewed on 9/15/2011

5 Stars 
We have stayed at Windcliff many times and Awestruck was by far the best property we have stayed in.  We will definitely stay here again.
The Greens - reviewed on 8/17/2011

5 Stars
Loved it!

We had a wonderful time at Awestruck. The home was beautiful and so were the views of the mountains. It was a real treat for our family to be able to spend some time there. As opposed to some rental properties, Awestruck really felt like a home. It is clear that the owners took a great deal of pride in furnishing and decorating this home. Our family was very comfortable at Awestruck - we enjoyed the mountain views from the great room, deck, and hot tub. It was a really nice touch for the owner to call us the day we arrived to make sure we had gotten settled in and to see if there was anything we needed. We had a great time and have many wonderful memories (not to mention photos and video) of our time at Awestruck.
Compaq Dave - reviewed on 8/1/2011

5 Stars
A beautiful house, in a magnificant location

The attention to detail in the house, where comfort and luxury are woven together, ensured we lacked for nothing.  We are all from Europe and have spent many vacations in rental houses throughout France, Italy, Switzerland and England. Awestruck ranks as one of the very finest. Sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, after hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoying the panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains of the continental divide was just fabulous.
Jean, Tony, Alison and Gary - reviewed on 7/7/2011

5 Stars

The best vacation we have ever had. The house was beautiful and spotless. Everything you could possibly need was already there. The views from the house were breathtaking. Perfect weather. The homeowner even called our first day to see if we got there OK and did we need anything. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Our family will be booking this house again. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.
Cinderellis - reviewed on 6/21/2011

5 Stars
Awestruck was ahhh-mazing!

I rented this home for three nights as a surprise for my husband's 40th birthday.  I was expecting a beautiful home from the pictures, but you know how it is...sometimes pictures lie. Not with this house. If anything, the pictures did not do this home justice!!! Everything was breathtakingly amazing... words fail me when I try to accurately express how blown away we were by this house!! The home has every amenity you could possibly want or need... in fact, hubby and I started playing a game where we purposely attempted to think of random items and then try to find them in the house. I thought I had "won" when I wanted a cookie sheet and couldn't find one, but realized my attempt was thwarted when he discovered a multitude of cookie sheets in the drawer beneath the oven (don't know why I didn't look there first!). We never did come up with anything that the house didn't have. There were plenty of towels, about 10 extra pillows if the ones on the beds weren't to your liking, tons of dishes, cups, etc. We truly felt like we were home.  I would 100% recommend this property, as well as Windcliff, to friends or family...with no hesitation whatsoever!!
Jennifer - reviewed on 6/19/2011

5 Stars
Truly Awestruck

This home has every amenity you would want, including a gorgeous and expansive view of the Continental Divide.  We enjoyed our stay tremendously and are hoping to make a repeat trip soon.  Go for it!  You would regret missing this beautiful mountain home.
Laura P - reviewed on 5/17/2011

5 Stars
Best Vacation Home We Ever Rented

It was a pleasure dealing with the Windcliff Properties. We had our two babies along with our family and they stated that they had pack-n-plays and high chairs so we requested that two of each would be there. When we arrived we noted that there were no high chairs there, we called Windcliff and before we knew it a very nice girl was delivering our highchairs. We appreciated their promptness. Their staff was very friendly and courteous. As for Awestruck it was amazing. We have never felt so at home as we did here. The house is amazing and there is a beautiful view from every window. David, the owner, called us to see how everything was going and if we were enjoying ourselves on the first day. My son on Saturday wanted to watch some fights on t.v. that were a paid per view site and I called Windcliff to see if it would be possible for us to get that and they said they would contact the owner but they were not making any promises. A few hours later, David called and talked to my son and he arranged for us to be able to watch the fights and they just added it to our bill. I was so impressed that he took the time to do that for my son and we very much appreciated that. We hope to come back again next year. I would recommend this house to anyone, it was so clean and furnished so beautifully I cant imagine anyone not falling in love with it. We have been to Estes Park many times and I can't even imagine coming back here and not staying at Awestruck. The only negative feedback I could give is that I wished they supplied you with a few more dish towels and dish cloths, I think there were 2 or 3 of each and we did a lot of cooking so we had to wash them everyday which was fine since there was a washer and dryer that we were able to use. Thank you for letting us stay at your beautiful home, we will be back again!  The style and furnishings of the home went beyond our expectations in spending a few restful and peaceful days together in a mountain cabin. We couldn't get enough of staring out the window or sitting on the deck of Awestruck at the panoramic beauty that only the Rocky Mountains can offer. It was a most romantic getaway with the comfort of the house, the views, the hot tub and the fireplace. We will definitely visit Awestruck again. Thank you.  
Mary and Marvin - reviewed on 5/11/2011

5 Stars
Awestruck is right!

We had a wonderful time in Estes and loved Awestruck.  The home is wonderful and the view is amazing.  We didn't want to leave and can't wait to go back.
Kelley Family - reviewed on 5/12/2011

5 Stars
A Totally Relaxing and Peaceful Experience

The style and furnishings of the home went beyond our expectations in spending a few restful and peaceful days together in a mountain cabin. We couldn't get enough of staring out the window or sitting on the deck of Awestruck at the panoramic beauty that only the Rocky Mountains can offer. It was a most romantic getaway with the comfort of the house, the views, the hot tub and the fireplace. We will definitely visit Awestruck again. Thank you.
Jim and Rita - reviewed on 5/11/2011

5 Stars
Didn't Want to Leave

We enjoyed every minute of luxury and comfort at Awestruck.  It was a wonderful place to get away with good friends.  Highlights were relaxing in the cozy couches, making s'mores in the wood-burning fireplace, and grilling on the back patio.  Our only complaint was not being able to find oven mitts - that is how hard we had to try to find something to complain about!
Shannon - reviewed on 4/25/2011

5 Stars
Overall it was a beautiful vacation home with incredible views!

The style and furnishings of the home went beyond our expectations in spending a few restful and peaceful days together in a mountain cabin. We couldn't get enough of staring out the window or sitting on the deck of Awestruck at the panoramic beauty that only the Rocky Mountains can offer. It was a most romantic getaway with the comfort of the house, the views, the hot tub and the fireplace. We will definitely visit Awestruck again. Thank you.  The check-in process was smooth and seamless. The house is absolutely incredible!  All the detail the homeowner has put into this house will leave you wanting your own. I highly recommend this home to anyone that is vacationing in Estes Park.
Rick R - reviewed on 4/6/2011

5 Stars
We were "Awestuck" by Awestruck - Beautiful, Warm and Amazing Home

Awestruck is the best home we've ever rented.  The owners thought of absolutely everything to make  their guests feel at home.  The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you would need for cooking, baking and entertaining.  There is even an "Honor Bar" that stocks bottles of wine that you replace if you drink. The decor in the home is beautiful; wildlife photos taken by David, the owner, line the walls of the home. The sheets on the very comfortable beds are soft and of a high-quality grade, which is usually uncommon for a rental home. Anyone could literally move right in to this home and not need to bring anything but their clothes. There is an Xbox and games, Blue Ray DVD player and movies, CD player and CD's, a connection for your Ipod and speakers, a hot tub that seats up to 6 people, and top-of- the- line T.V.'s. The scenery from where this home sits is magnificent.  You can really tell how much pride the owners take in this home. It is also evident how seriously they take making their guests happy. David even called us to welcome us, ensure everything was in working order, and give us tidbits of information on great things to do while here.  The check-in office staff are so welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable of the area and all it has to offer.  There is even a resident kitty who lives in the check-in office named Mr. Bond and he greets you as well with open paws.  We don't want to leave but alas, we must.  This is where we will stay when we return though.  No need to look into any other rental properties.
Hibiscus123- reviewed on 3/29/2011

5 Stars
Amazing Vacation Rental Home Property

Outstanding rental property!  Excellent service and attention to detail in all areas from Windcliff management. Loved the home and decorating, felt very welcoming. Immaculate!  Views are unsurpassed.  Lives up to its name "Awestruck."  The driveway is quite steep for snowy conditions.
James and Debra - reviewed on 2/23/2011

5 Stars

Fantastic views great service beautiful furnishings steep drive worth it amazing star gazing hot tub in 15 below perfect great hiking trail!
Winter Guy - reviewed on 2/9/2011

4 Stars
A Room with a View

After some initial weather related setbacks, which were no ones fault and which were handled admirably by the reception staff, we settled in for a very pleasant 5 night stay.  The house is quite beautiful and fully appointed; a great room with fireplace and a dramatic view of the Rockies, a kitchen dining area with every need satisfied, bedrooms with beautiful views and comfortable beds and bedding, sitting areas with tvs, videos, games, etc.  We wanted for nothing and enjoyed the location, convenient to both Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park, where we enjoyed snowshoeing and hiking through the forests and around the lakes.  Highly recommended.
Reviewed on 1/4/2011

5 Stars

The name of the property describes it to a 'T'! Your search is over once you located this rental.  A wood fire place, indoor whirlpool tub, outdoor hot tub, rustic Western wood look, and a wood stove in the bedroom. Everything you want is in this house!
Eros - reviewed on 12/16/2010

5 Stars
A Romantic and Luxurious Setting

My boyfriend and I rented the Awestruck home for our anniversary. We were so happy with the friendly and accommodating staff at the Windcliff office. The house is beautifully maintained and we felt very comfortable there. The location is beautiful with breath taking views.  We definitely plan to rent through Windcliff again for an even longer stay...we did not want to leave after the weekend!
Meghan and Chris - reviewed on 12/14/2010

5 Stars
Our Trip and Stay was Awestruck in Every Way

Our family was "Awestruck” during our entire stay at Awestruck! My husband, our 10 year old daughter and 4 month old baby girl all made the trip from sunny Florida to Estes Park. This was a memorable and wonderful get away. It was our older daughter's first time seeing snow. Our family pictures were amazing. The mountains in the back drop. The wild animals we saw every day…elk, deer and rabbits.  The home was so comfortable for us. It had every convenience that we could have ever asked for or expected. Awestruck exceeded our expectations.  It was so private and roomy. I love to cook and I have never rented a home that had a kitchen as well stocked with kitchen ware as this one. A cooks dream!  Even the last detail of providing glass storage Tupperware for left over's made cleaning up so easy.  Everywhere we went in the home, we could see the beauty surrounding us. The views from everywhere were just breathtaking.  Waking up in the morning, eating meals and lounging around a fire in the evening all provided the most relaxing and gorgeous views.  A nice fun touch was the games that we supplied in the house. Very cool, this owner thought of the guests every possible need.  I loved that we never ran out of towels and had an overage of pillows and blankets. The full size washer and dryer made keeping up with family laundry easy. The hangers supplied in all the closets made it easy for us to keep things neat and organized.  It was all the little things that made our stay effortless. The home, its decor and the comfortable furniture made this our favorite home away from home. We can't wait to visit awestruck again and look forward to sharing our experience and wonderful vacation with our friends and family now that we are home.
Haleysmomma - reviewed on 12/6/2010

5 Stars

My wife and I spent Nov. 1 - Nov. 5 at Awestruck. Besides the obvious that the views and location are ideal, Awestruck (what an appropriate name) is a phenomenal place to stay.  We have stayed at 7 different properties at Windcliff and Awestruck is in our opinion the best so far!  The owners have thought of every detail to make this an unforgettable place to vacation. We did not need anything that wasn't provided by the owners, in fact we always bring a laptop with us on vacation but a desktop computer is provided to be used by the guests.  They even go so far as to provide an "Instruction Manual" that details how to operate the blu-ray system, theater system, DTV, hot tub, whirlpool, etc... and where to find items within the home that may be needed while vacationing.  Speaking of DTV we found the many music stations provided by DTV to be ideal when relaxing on the deck with the doors opened.  The furnishings and interior decorations are comfortable and inviting and the photos lining the walls, sitting on tables, counters, etc. are ideal for a mountain vacation home.  We just hope the word about this property doesn't spread, we're afraid it won't be available the next time we plan at trip to the mountains!
Jerry and Karen - reviewed on 11/10/2010

5 Stars

Awestruck was really awesome.  The house was a great find.  View was terrific.  Checking in and out was easy.  Awestruck had everything in it we needed.  Only thing was that we prefer music to tv.  Would have been nice to have a sound system.  But it was a great week none the less.  Great time watching the full moon in the front of the fire.  We loved everything about it and will return.  
Donn and Bill - reviewed on 11/4/2010

5 Stars
Awestruck is Awesome

We had a wonderful time at Awestruck and RMNP.  We loved everything about our condo and we will return.
BHorne - reviewed on 10/18/2010

5 Stars
This place was a real gem.  We had a fantastic time.

It was as close to having your own personal mountain chalet as you can get without actually buying one.  They had all the comforts of home and the photography on the walls was fantastic.  The owner even called us the first night to check in.  I would highly recommend this property to anyone.  It was in a great secluded location.
Paul in New Jersey - reviewed on 10/10/2010

5 Stars

Very quiet in the mountains. Listened to an owl across the valley.  Great place to get away, yet so close to all the Estes Park and National Park activities. Sunset views are incredible.
Relaxed Matt - reviewed on 10/6/2010

5 Stars
Wonderful House!

Had a great stay at awestruck. Everything was top-notch. House is beautiful and the views are fantastic!
Lewis - reviewed on 9/10/2010

5 Stars
Totally Awesome...very comfortable with breathtaking views

The home "Awestruck" was warm and inviting. It had all the comforts of home and more.  The views from every room in the place were breathtaking.  It was located not far from Estes Park and the Rocky Mt National Park. We felt comfortable in it the minute we walked in.   It was one of the best places we have ever stayed in.  The outdoor hot tub was a great touch.  All in all, it was a terrific experience.
James and Lynn - reviewed on 8/30/2010

5 Stars
Perfect for Families

We stayed in Awestruck for 3 nights in August of 2010. The layout of the house was perfectly suited for us and we loved everything about the house.  The views were great and the wildlife was entertaining as well.  We would love to come back in the future and look forward to staying in Awestruck again!
Visitors from Missouri - reviewed on 8/26/2010

5 Stars
Struck with Awe

This was by far our best rental experience ever (30 + years)!  The cabin was immaculate, the decor reflected the mountain experience and the view was spectacular.  I was also impressed by the fact that the owner called to find out if everything was OK and if we were having a good time.  In fact, he took the time to suggest some very creative hikes in the park.  We are definitely interested in returning again to Awestruck next year if the property is available.
Jim and Nancy – reviewed on 8/21/2010

5 Stars

Awestruck was the most enjoyable place we have stayed at Windcliff or anywhere else on our travels.  The attention to detail was superb, the setting was ideal and the photo gallery was inspiring! Our family had plenty of space for 7 adults and an almost two-year old.  As former owners at Windcliff, we greatly appreciate how special the setting can be year round. We definitely plan to return next summer for two more glorious weeks in the Rockies.
The Mitchell Family - reviewed on 8/4/2010

5 Stars

House was beautiful...had everything needed for a great vacation. view was awesome...well decorated, very comfortable and relaxing
Liz - reviewed on 6/9/2010

5 Stars
Awestruck is the perfect name for this home!

Awestruck is the perfect name for your home! Not only are the location and views from every window incredible, you have thought of every detail to make our stay amazing and unforgettable. We will always remember that this is the place where our son alex first saw snow and deer.  Oh - and the photos placed in the home are beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your home with us and for making this a trip we will always remember.
Visitors from Florida - reviewed on 6/3/2010

5 Stars
Great Vacation Home

Awestruck is a beautiful home nestled in the Rocky Mountains. It is spacious, cozy, rustic and very comfortable. Great views from all windows and doors!  The amenities--gas grill, hot tub, fire place, HDTV's, Free domestic long distance, WiFi internet--added to our overall experience.  The staff at Windcliff was very friendly and helpful.Check in and check out was simple and uncomplicated.We would love to stay again!!
Visitors from Illinois - reviewed on 4/24/2010

5 Stars
Absolutely Awestruck

My wife and I stayed at Awestruck during our Honeymoon in Estes Park. Since we arrived on Sunday, the office was closed.  However, there was a packet left for us with keys, directions, etc. The drive up the mountain was incredible with deer, elk, and the most amazing view of the Rockies. We were told a 4x4 is a must, and though I recommend one if possible, some folks had small cars. As for the house, we could not have asked for more. The house was clean, comfortable, and way more than enough for a couple.  With 2 kings, 2 twins, and pull outs there is plenty of sleeping room for a larger family. Awestruck has a Rustic feel, while keeping all the comforts of home. Internet is available, long distance included, and direct tv in all the rooms.  There's nothing bad about Awestruck other than the feeling of leaving. We loved it!
Newlyweds reviewed on 3/26/2010

4 Stars
I Would Do it Again

We went for a weekend during late January 2010, for some snow shoeing and winter activities. The weather was very cold outside nice and warm inside.  No need to leave the house, it had enough amenities to keep us occupied. Well stocked kitchen with tools. There were only 2 of us but the house is big enough for 6 comfortably. We normally visit Estes Park twice a year and rent a cabin with hot tub.  Never again, it will be a house with a hot tub, for the little bit of extra money per night it is worth it.Clean, a lot of room and nice.
Yesmiw reviewed on 2/23/2010

5 Stars
Perfect Beautiful Comfortable

We have fallen if love with Awestruck. So much so that we stayed two weekends in January.  The home is beautiful and comfortable with everything you could need.  The staff at Windcliff is beyond great, and has been more than helpful. There is no doubt that we will be back...and soon I hope!
AJ and Tobbie reviewed on 2/22/2010

5 Stars
Awestruck Birthday Vacation

The home was beautiful and well furnished. The view from the living room was amazing.  The hot tub and Jacuzzi tub in the master bath were great. The furnace fan went out the first day, so the first night was chilly.  We did not want to move, so the staff supplied radiant heaters and extra firewood for the fireplace and wood burning stove.  The home was nice and cozy for the remainder of the vacation.  We hope to stay in this home again next year.
Michelle reviewed on 2/21/2010

5 Stars
Wonderful Visit

Had a really great time, Awestruck is a really nice place and looking forward to going back. Only complaint is that I a week ago had as for some available dates from the Windcliff Properties as to staying in this home again and as of today still have not heard back.
Jeepguy reviewed on 1/13/2010

When decorating and remodeling Awestruck, we worked with a professional designer and local artisans to create a luxurious and extremely comfortable mountainside vacation home that would be the perfect Estes Park lodging destination.  Fortunately, our guests agree that Estes Park, Colorado is a great place to visit, that Windcliff is a beautiful community, that Rocky Mountain National Park is spectacular and that Awestruck is a very special vacation home rental.